The Great Awakening

In Psalm l7:l5, it is written, 'As for me I will continue beholding your face in righteousness

(holiness, rightness, justice, and right standing with you); I shall be fully satisfied when I 'awake' to find myself beholding Your form (and having sweet communion with You).'

When we know Jesus, truly known by Jesus, and abide in Jesus, we truly understand the source of our existence and His purpose for our lives.

At Pentecost, God had a plan that would transform lives and change the world and it did.

Acts 4:33 says, 'With great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all'.

What exactly happened to these lst believers and what does this mean for us today?

The latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit will carry the same as in the beginning outpouring meant for them. Multitudes today will call upon the Name of the Lord and be saved.

Zechariah l0:l says, 'Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain.' And, Hosea l0:l2 says, 'It is time to seek the Lord, till He come and rain righteousness (His holiness) upon us.

Like at Pentecost, today, God is now preparing the church for Christ's return by preparing 'a glorious church, not having spot, or blemish (Ephesians 5:27) exemplifying His very character and likeness as His Bride. Hosea 6:2 also says that in the 'third day' will come the latter rain – the last great revival before Messiah comes. This move of God's Holy Spirit will be the most awesome outpouring that the world has ever seen. As the world gets darker, Christ's light will shine through His very Bride in these last days, arrayed in our garments of light and praise to our God. Isaiah 5l:l -Wake up, wake up, put on your beautiful garments.

Yahweh is preparing His Bride for the most momentous move that will usher in the Lord's return. People seeking will come to His rising. God's people will be on fire like never before...their whole beings given over in fervent love and passion for their Head...the Lord Jesus Christ. Worship will stop meaning one hour on Sunday mornings but a life of worship to our God through our lives 24/7. Each action we take will be worship unto our God.

As the children of Israel packed up and moved when the fire by night or cloud by day moved, so shall God's Bride during these last day events move as the Holy Spirit prompts us to move.

Our witness will be in our actions, a great love will flow from our beings, grace, mercy, and unity will abound. There will be no big I or little you but all will flow as a mighty combine going across a field of harvest. A great love for God and for one another will be our bond.

But, there will be a sad note to this mighty awakening. For many Christians who just like their status-quo and business-as-usual comfort zones, those living for self and abounding in judgmentalism, lacking in love, bound by religious pride and tradition will be cast aside when the Father chooses His workers for this end-time event. Those who are just content to live their lives without Christ on the throne 24/7 will miss the greatest heavenly outpouring ever seen, empowering each one in a mighty way, each person's path being energized by the Head.

Listen to this quote spoken on Fox News during a recent commentary on different facets of failures Jim Gray, sportswriter, had seen in the world today. Different areas were mention but one especially saddened my spirit...'even the Church has failed us'. How sad, my friends, how sad!

As in Isaiah 60:l...Arise, Shine...For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people. But the Lord will arise over 'You', and His Glory will be seen upon 'You'.

The Gentiles shall come to 'Your Light'. And kings to the brightness of 'Your' rising'.

As candles lit at many Christmas candlelight services, the Lord Jesus will light one candle in a community with His Holy Flame, then another, then another. Darkness will see the light as this mighty end time army goes forth in each community in God's awesome love and unity and concern for one another. Out of our belly will, indeed, flow with rivers of living water. Teenagers will see holiness and great love coming from these saints of God and for the lst time see that God is true. Those hurting and in need will see us stop, turn around, and lend a helping hand.

Witnessing won't be such a dirty word anymore, as the Holy Spirit rising up within us will just overflow and people will just come wanting the love and joy that we possess and wondering what has happened to us. They will see in the church what they've never seen before...True Hope for a brighter day! We will truly walk the walk and talk the talk. A holy boldness will overtake us just as it did Peter and all in the Upper Room that lst day of Pentecost. Yes, the Lord is coming...even at the door. Dark days may loom ahead but God's True Church will arise with goodness and holiness exuding from their innermost being. And, as she moves with God in this end time ministry, there was no end to it. Miracles will be seen as never before. She will appear out of this world's darkness appearing finally before her Bridegroom dressed in her fine garments, her oil lamp full of devotion to Christ. Then, she will follow Him home to Glory.

The Bible has always been called 'The Good News'. And, God wants to announce such Good News to the world and to His church as never before. How glorious it is to be able to be alive during this time.

In closing, I heard a pastor say these words that have stuck in my brain ever since. “People, you don't want to go to Hell. There is only darkness, cursing, fire, torment, hatred forever and ever there. But, for those who seek Heaven with their whole hearts, there is the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost all One in glory. Brightness and joy will fill eternity. The Father will forever bring His people such joy as the rising of the sun forever. Love, Unity, and Peace will reign in our lives. And, what is the Great Awakening? As Christ lifts His arm to you and then to another and another, the greatest glory will light up our lives right here, right now as never before. Are you ready to receive, just look up, be willing to simply take your place by His side and relinquish all idols, repent of any unforgiveness in your heart...have God search your heart and see if any evil remain in you.

As a camel had to go through the literal 'eye of the needle' in Israel, he/she first had to bend their knees. All burdens on their backs had to be unloaded and laid aside and then the camel could then 'cross over' and enter in.

Like a great spirit of a python has wrapped up your body in pain, hurt, and despair, it's time to rebuke that spirit, stand up, and push it down to the ground and step out of it and say, “I choose to follow Christ into this Awakening and you will bother me no more.” Take and literally stand up and push all cares from your lives, any unforgiveness, hatreds, bitterness, worries, fears and take your place by Christ's side. Who can hurt you if you are right next to God? Anything that vexes your spirit, step out of that darkness into Christ's glorious light. I can promise you that even as a Christian, all the old worldly pains will become light as you stand in God's very presence. The old will be back there, on the other side of the door. You have transitioned over

as the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River and entered into their promised land.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. God is transitioning the church into the Glorious Bride whose hearts are stayed on Him. Choose well, my friends, Choose well! Prepare, Repent, Watch, and most certainly Be Ready. Choose to hear Christ's call and 'Come Up Hither' to follow Christ with all of your heart. Glory awaits those who will. Welcome to 'The Great Awakening'! Heaven awaits right now, today, to all who will enter

into that great passion for the Lord and the lost. Amen.