A Word Thru Lana Vawser
April 4, 20l5 * By Permission


Lately I have had such a drawing into the secret place. Such a longing to know Him more than ever, to see His face and see His beauty at a deeper level. The holy discontentment has been growing to the point where I find myself in tears because I just love Him so much and want to know Him more.

As I drew away with Him in the secret place just to be with Him and adore Him in worship, the words were booming in my heart over and over "WORLDWIDE REVIVAL", "WORLDWIDE REVIVAL', "WORLDWIDE REVIVAL".

As I heard these words in my heart, the verse before my eyes was :

Habbukuk 2:l4

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea".

It was then that I saw this glorious wave, it was so beautiful, and it was gaining momentum, it was building and building and building and as I watched it building, it was like I could hear the wave screaming out to me, "IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME"

I was overwhelmed with the sense that the Church is on the brink of seeing WORLDWIDE REVIVAL. Every part of me felt that this would be the greatest revival the world has yet seen, and the heart of God is for it to spread across the WHOLE earth.

I could see the earth before Me as if I was above it, looking down and I could see millions of the people of God all across the earth and they had their hands raised towards heaven and they were worshipping and giving Him praise and adoration and the Scripture that was playing over and over in my heart was:

Psalm 24:7 - Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter.

I then realized that the gifting over these ones I was watching was intercession. They were the Intercessors and they were declaring and calling forth revival into the earth. Lately the intensity of the intercession and travailing for the nations had become heavier and heavier as they felt they were standing in the gap for the Church that was on the brink.

Intercessors, be encouraged as you have felt the heart of the Lord heavier and heavier lately, and the travail seems stronger, go with His flow for you are calling in the greatest revival the world has ever seen. There is power in your prayers, there is power in your declaration, and they are creating a pathway for the King of Glory to ENTER IN!!!

I then felt Him speak:

"The Church must take her place. She must be in position. She must make room for Me to enter. She is busy with trying to make things happen in so many ways, where I simply want her to cease the striving, cease the comparison, cease the competition and to repent of the division between body parts and know that the Church is coming into a place of worldwide revival, but she must be positioned. I am drawing My people back to Me as their true north, their only Source, and where there has been division of heart, My love is enveloping them and My goodness is surrounding them, My kindness is leading them to repentence and a great "washing" and "purifying" is taking place.

My people must embrace the process, for My fire, My refiners fire is falling upon My people now to bring about a great cleansing and purifying so they may ride the wave of revival that I am releasing on the earth where ALL the corners of the earth will see My Glory. The KNOWLEDGE of My Glory will spill across the whole earth. But this wave will not break and die, this wave I am sending, I want to continue to escalate and escalate.


As I felt the Lord speak these things to Me, I watched this wave spread all over the earth and it just continued to flow, it continued to rise, and the more it rose, the more I saw the nations begin to ARISE AND SHINE (Isaiah 60:l). The nations coming into their place of destiny. I saw bridges being formed all over the globe between the nations. I specifically saw a bridge being formed between Australia and America and a bridge being formed between England and Canada. That there was going to be great exchanges happening between these nations and as they "labored together" for the Kingdom great expansion, salvations, and Kingdom shifts were happening in these nations at an accelerated level.

I saw other bridges being formed between nations all over the earth and these bridges were being used to take the Gospel into these nations in new and creative ways. I saw a constant flow of missionaries going back and forth over these bridges all over the globe, taking gifts from their nation to the other and in the great exchange I saw what looked like beautiful paved streets of gold being laid in the nations BECAUSE of these "partnerships" taking place. The Lord is bringing many of His people from across the nations together and in that "partnership" some of the greatest moves of God will be seen.


This revival that I see spreading across the entire earth is going to be birthed out of His people SEEING HIM. I have said it a lot in this season but I believe that we are moving into some of the greatest encounters we have ever had with the Lord.

There is such an intensit almost urgency in the Spirit for the people of God to draw closer to Him. There is a real "wooing" and "longing" in the Spirit for the people of God being drawn into places of intimacy with Him that they have never experienced before. As I felt this sense in my heart I felt the Lord say...

"It's time to come in and experience radical transformatory change, everything is about to change. In the twinkling of an eye you will never be the same."

I saw encounters after encounters after encounters happening for the people of God as they were seeing Him like they have never seen Him before. The people of God, as they press in, like new converts, filled with such deep joy and excitement but a level of maturity and depth they had not experienced before that was being birthed in the secret places.

"I am shaping My people. I am preparing My people. The preparation is happening in the chamber of intimacy."

In that chamber of intimacy I saw angels of the Lord come in and they had swords in their hands and they began to cut away things in the lives of His people that were holding them back, then the purifying fire of God would fall again and burn so heavily upon His people and at times they would cry out that they felt they couldn't take anymore, but the more purging that was taking place, the brighter they were shining, the stronger they were becoming, the more anchored they were. Anchored in Him.

It was then that I heard a statement in my heart that has impacted me greatly....

"The revivalists of old, their ceiling is going to be the floor of the people of God now as they press in."

My mind began to be flooded with story after story after story of revivalists of old and the burning desire to see God move in that way again through His people and so much more. As my mind flooded with those glorious stories of God's generals of the past again I heard it....

"Ceilings becoming floors"

We are moving into a time where healings are going to happen by the thousands at a time, it will be common to see the dead raised in Jesus' name, to see the supernatural become even more natural in our every day lives, but we MUST be ready.

The purification that is happening now, the fire that is falling, the urgency in the Spirit to SEEK HIM, the discontentment is preparation for something BIGGER than the Church has imagined or seen. It is TIME TO TRULY SEEK HIM, the discontentment is preparation for something BIGGER than the Church has imagined or seen. It is TIME TO TRULY SEEK the Lord (Hosea l0:12)

No more LIDS on the people of God. NO MORE LIDS! It is time to go higher than ever before. It is time for the people of God to cry out and be positioned for the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Do whatever you have to do to be positioned. To seek His face, to pay the price to KNOW HIM. To pay the price to move forward into the invitation of the greatest encounters of their lives. Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes! God is wanting to birth reckless abandonment to Himself in His people at a DEEP DEEP level.


The Churh is at a crossroads right now. I believe the Lord is drawing a line in the sand, and the people of God need to choose. To choose to do whatever it takes to seek Him and cleanse ourselves. (Psalm 24:3)

Do not despise the process, the purification that is taking place. Embrace it, embrace it, embrace it. The Holy Spirit is stirring, cleansing, and preparing His people We are at the greatest tipping point we have seen across the body of Christ. The people of God moving deeper into seeking Him are never going to be the same. The Church is moving into seeing His Glory in exponential ways. Encounters like Moses had on the mountain with the Lord, that and more. To move deeper into these encounters. He's asking for radical obedience. He is asking for reckless abandonment. His fire is coming to work in your heart and do whatever needs to be done, as He loves you passionately and wants you ready and in place for the greatest worldwide revival. It's time for the Church to do business with God at a deeper level. The dross is being removed, to make more room for Him.

We have sung and cried out, "I want more of you God" and He is answering that prayer now in big was in the lives of the people of God, but it is going to cost. There is a price to pay, but the glorious joy and exploits of God that await far outweigh the price

The overflow in the lives of His people having heaven meet earth in their life is building momentum in the heavenlies to see a wave of revival that will continue to escalate and accelerate and fill the whole earth.

God's heart is worldwide revival, and He wants to use YOU! You have a part to play, and your giftings will be used for His Glory.

We have cried out, "I want more Lord, I want more Lord"...

Here it is !!!!!!!!!!!

Let's jump in!