The Hand of God (Miracle)

In the late l980's, on a very windy, rather cold day, again, my friend, Irlene, and I ventured out for our usual evening walk. And, we once again walked around, up the hill around to Summit Street.

That afternoon, the wind was so strong that we couldn't even hear each other speak. We had to yell in order to hear what each one was saying. But, as usual, we usually walked and praised the Lord speaking of His wondrous works. We are no one special. We only were walking not expecting a thing.

There were many people walking that afternoon only in the opposite direction. Again, we were amazed at the numbers out for their evening exercise especially in such a wind event.

As we continued to walk, it wasn't long when we found ourselves alone on the hill that overlooks our home town. Everyone had passed by and there we were by ourselves.

We were having such fun discussing the goodness of Christ when I happened to look up in the sky to the North. In the sky was this huge, white cloud. But, it was different. It was in the form of a very large right hand outstretched. You could see clear up to the elbow. And it was coming out of the North. On the palm of the hand were long fingers and you could even see the palm prints. It looked like the right hand of God. We were just amazed.

Being silly and just having fun, I told my friend, Irlene, “Hey, Irlene, look! God wants to lay hands on Maquoketa!” So, just having fun, like a child, I hollered up to God, “Lord God, we agree with you!” “Lay hands on Maquoketa!”

All of a sudden, the wind stopped dead, instantly. And, light came down and swallowed up every shadow everywhere around us. And a line of light began heading West filling everything as it went at some speed. Well, we just stood there with our mouths open. What had we just experienced? Why... a miracle from God and His amazing grace!

We have another Christian friend who we always shared our experiences with. And, so, we quickly headed back to my house where we gave her a call.

It seems that our friend was West of Maquoketa fishing with her son at the Maquoketa River.

And, she had just come in the door when we called.

We told her of what had happened on the hill. And, to our surprise, she said that she had also experienced it down at the river. As they were fishing, the wind just stopped and running down the river from the East came this light from East to West and kept going down the river filling it also with pure light.

We never forgot that special day. And, we were humbled that the Lord would come and show us such a miraculous event.

Later, through scripture, I was reading about the cloud of Elijah. What I didn't know was that when that cloud formed, it also formed into the form of the Right Hand of God. I still ponder the significance of what we saw that day. Praise His Holy and Precious Name. We still to this day ponder the whole event.

Many say the miraculous has ended. But, don't believe them! It's a matter of having faith. You cannot please God without it. Faith is the open door into the miraculous power of God! Believe it because it's true. Hallelujah!