The Heart of the Father

Scripture: Ephesians 5:l...'Be imitators of God, copy Him and follow His example, as well-beloved children imitate their father.

Recently, I received an e-mail early in the morning asking a most serious question. As I had just opened my eyes and checked my i-phone for messages, there came a message asking, “What does praying for the heart of the Father truly mean?”

Like water rising out of a well through a weary human body, the answer just flowed up out of my spirit and I began to write back. I actually was surprised, being human, and not even fully awake.

'Praying for the heart of the Father means that you pray and desire to receive His full character living deep inside you for all the world to see...All His love for others, His mercy, compassion, forgiveness, tender-heartedness for others, all His glory flowing in and through us every second of every day; and through that, to receive His power to have the compassion that His Spirit will rise up within us to heal people's hearts... mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

That has been my prayer for many, many years. As you grow in the Lord and yield to His Holy Spirit living within you, His heart will shine like a beckon out of both you and me more each day for this lost and weary world to see. We will be a 'life-light' for all the world to see through the trying days which lie ahead.

That is the goal of this ministry, 'Life-Light Ministries' that God's will begin to shine like a bright light through our lives...that we 'all' open our eyes to that fact that instead of living and thinking and acting like this world of sin that we are willing to die to self daily realizing that we can't on our own and only He can. Oh, what an adventure as we are willing to just yield to His Holy Spirit and through His heart daily.

No worldly high could compare yielding to the Heart of the Father.

Hope this helps explain the question if you, too, have been wondering. This is just how the Spirit works. When we just wake up out of sleep, He is there...the Heart of God always awake waiting to answer the call or text the case may be!

God Bless You today! Phyllis Hovey, Minister