Dear Wonderful Friends,

There's a sound in the spirit...an awakening...a rising up!

But, the Lord is saying that isn't enough. Doors in our life and spirit have been opened. He has set doors before us which He personally has kicked wide open! (Read last week's word...'AN OPEN DOOR'.

This is a fearful time in that His eye is on each one of us...He is waiting, waiting for us, His people, to move and go forward.

He is watching to see if we will go through the doors and follow Him, walk in our own way, or just remain stuck, fearing to move backward or forward.

I saw when we stepped out to follow the Lord, we actually stepped INTO HIM. Obedience brings reward and He is our great reward!

The Word “for in Him we live and move and have our being” becomes our reality! (Acts l7:28)

The greatest obstacle to living our life in Him is ourselves. Stepping over the threshold of the door is a type of crossing the Jordan River.

It symbolizes death to self will, self-desires, self-reliance, etc.

The Lord is waiting on the other side, watching and waiting for you!

It's time to move!

Loving you, praying for you,




By Permission