As the prophets have come together, they have spoken by the Spirit of the Lord. Here are just some of the statements spoken within the last 30 days. As prophets are subject to prophets according to the Word, let us see if we find the Spirit of the Living God through their words. Amen?

*The number l7 in Hebrew means 'Complete Victory' and 'Breakthrough Year'.

*The Lord has granted us a window of opportunity – Just Believe – We have already entered this time granted us from God.

*God is going to reform America back to God.

*We, the True Bride of Christ, will become the Head and not the Tail.

*Believer's must learn how to confess the Word with our mouths and hear from God.

*Stop tearing one another apart by means of gossip and accusations. It's time to restore, build up and stop tearing down.

*Don't get information from the news but by learning the Word of God.

*Learn when to speak and when not to speak. The positive/Godly and the negative/costly through the dark side.

*Satan disrupts the plans of God causing a revival division. The Body of Christ needs to 'Arise', Unite through the Holy Spirit, and become one in Spirit and Truth. In Christ, there is no color...We are of the same blood. We are One Body under God.

*We are from another world and another country. We are of Christ and not of this world.

*Pastors...What is coming starts with you. I am a Christian first and the rest of the picture second.

*The Jubilee Year really wasn't last year. It is actually this year chronologically...2017.

*Countries are coming into revival. This is the Season for the Nations.

*God is going to separate but we still have time to repent.

*The Law of Attraction is over God's people. God wants to woo us back to Himself. He who has He will give more - Such as love and kindness – the seeds that we have sown will come back to us.

*Many have prepared but many have been unfaithful. It is time to reset our lives, let go, and go back to serving God with our whole hearts.

*We are going to attract others by our love.

*It's time to preach God's whole gospel in God's truth. Quit worrying about losing members. Through signs and wonders, people will be drawn through the truth of the Word of God. Stop fearing the whole of who God truly is.

*Stand for people and not for ourselves...Come out of selfishness. Become Good Samaritans.

*Restoration is coming. Curses will be broken as we stand at Christ's side and become open to His Holy Spirit.

*There is coming a major move of God on our land.

*The Spirit of Faith will return to our land. God is going to prosper our land like in years have never happened.

*Out of adversity, people will come. Events of weather, earthquake, flood, and fire may come including terrorist activity. However, through that adversity, many will come to the Lord and be saved.

*The youth will be one of the major means of spreading the gospel. Social media will be used as the Holy Spirit moves through those young people who will be called in this hour. Example...Just in one church meeting, over 700 young adults accepted the Lord, was filled with Holy Ghost, and left with a purpose and mission. Hallelujah! It is happening all over America as we speak more than we have realized.

*As this is Harvest time, God is about to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares. Real wheat will bend. Tares, at harvest, won't move in the wind. (Gives us something to think about.)

*There is coming a separation in leadership, some are just in it for the money. God will be judging motives. Change your stand or suffer from God.. God is about to expose the heart of people.

*Church will stop when the Holy Spirit is done.

*A major shift will move among Universities. God is ready to anoint a Mighty Army everywhere including universities.

*Persecution will come.

*Media outlets are going to fall. Media revolutionaries with new ideas will emerge.

*God will take away the wealth of those who are against the Nation of Israel.

*It is time for corruption to be exposed.

*This will be the best of times and the worst of times. CHOOSE TODAY!

*Now is the time you have to decide if you will now follow the Lord with your whole heart.

*God is our only hope for America. The Bible will come to completion. Every prophecy in the Bible will come. Choose to pray and seek God.

*The Jubilee Awakening Cycle has begun. Only God could have orchestrated the events that have come through the election in our country. It was a miracle!

*This is not the time to sit and quit but to awaken, arise, repent, and go in the Name of the Lord, our God. Go in the agape love of the Lord for others. Bear one another's burdens.

*There will be an outpouring of the glory of God that the world has never seen.

*Without holiness, you will not see God.

*Whoever calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.

*Love will be the 'key'.

*God wants to empower you and inspire you to walk in the gifts the Lord has given to you.

*There will be a Season of Awakening in our lives...in our homes...in our denominations for denominations will be filled by the Holy Spirit.

*The gifts will be restored to the Body of Christ...to those who will receive and not go back into apostasy.

*God didn't take away our gifts but we neglected them through doubt and unbelief.

*We will grow. We will arise and climb up as the people of Israel went up to worship God.




May it be as the prophets have spoken!

Just a few of those who came forth to speak through the Holy Spirit:

Rick Wild, Jim Bakker, Dr. William Foretchen, Carrol Gallop, Michael Snyder, Perry Stone, Sid Roth, Cindy Jacobs and others from the family of God who have shared what they feel the Lord has shared with them with us. We thank them for their insights and for what they have been given for 20l7. Amen. May it be as they have seen.