Warn Them Again

God was speaking to me once again about warning people and speaking out about watching for the Lord's return, repenting from our lethargy within the Body of Christ and preparing by going to the Lord and asking Him to again repent and be filled with His true character and with Himself, and be ready as His Glorious Bride to have our lamps full at His soon return.

He said, “People are going to hear the alarms and they just aren't going to heed it and that only a few are going to listen.” And, the thought came to my mind, “Should we as ministers give up warning people just because not everybody is going to listen?

What I am seeing right now that history is repeating itself. And, it has to repeat itself because Jesus said that it would repeat itself. If we look at the New Testament, Jesus said, 'As it was in the days

of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man'...Matthew 24:37. So, even Jesus said, “Watch...the parallels take place.” And in the Days of Noah is the only other time in human history where the entire world at one time was judged. In the same way, the world is going to be judged again in the Book of the Revelation.

Did you know that it was preached for generations before Noah that judgment was coming? But, the people even then didn't listen to the warnings. They were eating. They were drinking, and they were being married.

In Genesis, Chapter 5, it gives a quick genealogy of ten different names. And, according to Jewish writings, Enoch was given a prophecy concerning his son Methuselah. And, Methuselah, in Hebrew, his name actually means 'His death shall bring judgment'. And, this prophecy said that at the death of your son, Methuselah, that judgment was going to come upon the entire world. And, it did. The very year that the flood came upon the world was the very year that Methuselah died. So, you see, it was preached throughout all of Enoch's life that judgment was coming. It was preached all through Methuselah's life that judgment was coming. It was being preached right up to the time of Noah's life. The warning was coming at the death of Methuselah that judgment was coming to the entire world. But, again, the people didn't take the warning nor did they listen to the warnings.

It makes me wonder if those who gave warning were called the 'Doom and Gloomers' of their day?

And, that's why Jesus says again that in the End of Days, before He judges the entire world again that unfortunately the majority of people are not going to take the warnings and again not listen? They are going to be eating, drinking, and being merry. But, when the rain starts falling, it will be too late.

NOW is the time to get and be prepared! Now is the time to WATCH for the coming of the Lord.

Now is the time to REPENT and search your heart and life and confess before God all the innermost secret sins of your life. Now is the time to PREPARE and make yourself ready for the coming of the Lord, Now is the time to BE READY so at His coming that you may stand before Him as His Glorious Bride made ready and hear those wonderful words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant!”

Phyllis Hovey, Minister