The Way of Agape

What is the way of Agape, anyway? How many of us could, on the spur of the moment, give a good definition of exactly what that word means?

The Greek word “agape” is often translated “love” in the New Testament.

I John 4:8 says, “God is love (Agape)”. God does not merely love; He is love (agape) itself.

Everything that God has done has flowed out of His agape love. God loves because that is His very nature. God's love is not sappy, sentimental love such as we often hear portrayed. God loves because that is His very nature and the expression of His being. He loves the unlovable and the unlovely (us!),

not because we deserve to be loved, but because it is His nature to love us, and He must be true to His nature and character. God's agape love was displayed most clearly at the cross, where Christ died for the unworthy people who were 'dead in trespasses and sins'...Ephesians 2:l, not because we did anything to deserve it, “but God commends His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 declares that we can do nothing to merit His love. We are just undeserving

recipients who He just wishes to lavish that love upon. Luke l9:l0 tells just how strongly God loves by sending us His Son to demonstrate to us this agape love of the Father towards the lonely and lost.

Agape love on the other hand isn't romantic love. It is not brotherly love, where you have a natural chemistry with another person. Terrorists and people in the mafia experience brotherly love.

Agape love is just unconditional love. God unconditionally loves us.

The Lord is calling us to come up higher in Him by faith...believing as the Holy Spirit dwells in you and you make that all important decision to passionately follow Him, His life of agape will begin flowing from you.

Agape love presents a real challenge for us Christians. It is tough to live out because it's hard to love someone who doesn't respond to you in the way you would desire. And, all of us are going to have certain individuals, even in the Body of Christ, that we have to struggle to love. And, yet, God's word is very clear: Beloved, let us love (agape) one another, for love (agape) is from God (and is God).

Now, we can't find a more clear command about what we're called to do as followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus “agape loves” us and commands us to “agape love” others.

It is a decision we all must make as God's live as the world lives or climb up to a higher dimension in Christ...shining brightly in God's light, life, character...walking each moment of every day in the love of agape.

Would you pray this prayer? Lord God, I never really knew exactly what your type of love actually was. But, now, you have revealed it to me. I ask for forgiveness. I relinquish my entire life to you in 24/7 worship. I ask you to fill me with the very love of agape in which you dwell.

Help me to walk in your ways and to walk in your agape love for even those who have harmed me so I can be a light to many, not showing them 'my' works and feelings but your love flowing through me. In Jesus Name...Amen.