I would like to dedicate this website to all those who hunger and thirst for righteousness sake, to those who can see what the world has become and yearn for something better, to those who love the Lord with their whole heart and are searching to cleanse themselves then repent.

It is dedicated to those who are preparing for his return and to those who truly have a passion to walk and climb into a different dimension with Christ. To those who are searching and wish to come out of the world's darkness walking in the Lord's glorious light.

Special thanks to Randy and Janice Pringle. If it wasn't for their love for the Lord and generous help, this website would not have been possible. Also, to Mr. Rick Batey, retired school teacher. It was he who, at a time he may not even remember, encouraged me in who I was and was capable of doing.

And most of all praise be unto the Lord Jesus for it was his awesome timing and divine organization which make all things possible.

May this site be used in a mighty way to bring glory to his name.


Phyllis A. Hovey, Minister