soul to soul

Annoited Eyesight

First Love

Urgent Rapture

Separate Your Self

A Great and Mighty Witness

Quiet Time

Seeking After Godliness

Send the Fire

Learn the Ways of Love

Come Up Hither Again

Awaking Ministries

Wilderness Saints

City of Brotherly Love

A Spiritual Awakening

Thy Kingdom Come

An Open Door

Time to Move

The Light

Warn Them

Passion Rising


Church Awakens

Why Prophecy?

Word of Knowlege

Deep in Christ

II Corinthians 6

From Darkness into Light

Oridinary People, Extraordinary God

Dimensions in Christ I

Dimensions in Christ II

The Covenant Series Part I

The Covenant Series Part II

The Covenant Series Part III

Clothe Me O Lord

Walking With God

My Face is Set

The Egg and I

The Word Offers Hope

Beautiful Clothes


A Different Kind of Righteousness



Day of Desicion

Paradigm Shift Upon the Church

To the Point

Word From the Lord 2018

From the Prophets

King Jesus

A Repentent Heart

Visions to Ponder

A Great and Mighty Witness

Discovering the Agape Love

Living in God's Heart

Learn After Jeremiah

The Great Awakening


The Zadoc Priesthood I

The Zadoc Priesthood II

The Zadoc Priesthood III

Judgement Begins

Prayer of Love

Prayer of Dedication

Lucifer on the Loose

Why Change Now?

Out of the Darkness

Call to Action

Walking With God

Does Jesus Really Love Me?

Agape (unconditional) Love

Last Day Witnesses:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Christmas So Long Ago

Christmas So Long Ago

Christmas Tradition vs. God's Word

New Year's Message:


Worldwide Revival

Recognizing the Spirit of God

As it Was in the Days of Noah

Dream Vision


One New Man

The Heart of the Father

Abiding Through our Actions

All Glorious Within

Childhood Memories

Mirror Mirror

Rise up my Love

Consider Your Destiny

Deeper in Christ

Visions and Prophesies:

Prophetic Word of the Lord

Harness of our Lord

Harness of our Lord Part 2

Harness of our Lord Part 3

Fit for the Kingdom

A Field With no Fences

Blood Moons

Chuck Pierce Prophecy

Visions of the New Breed

Visions and Words from the Lord

Come up Hither

Is the Church Ready?

1961 Vision

Day Vision

True Light

Many Ways


Spider Cancer Healed

God Heals Distemper


Becky's Miracles

The Miracle of the Hurricane

The Near Death Miracle





Ruth Boise Message

The Faces of Compassion PT I

The Faces of Compassion PT II

The Faces of Compassion III

Interesting Facts

As It Was in the Time of Noah

The Wilderness Saints

The Wind at Your Back

God's Presence


Seek Good

Sleeping Beauty


Seeking After Godliness

Dare to Be A Daniel

Elijah in a People

Wake up Jonah

Return to Me

The Joseph Company:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:




Message to Our Readers

God's Message Revealed in a People

Unforgivness vs. Gods Love

Words of Knowledge:

Biblical Signs of Christ's Return

Festival of Lights

Our Second Brain


The Great Awakening

Second Try

Word of Knowledge



Simple Love

Living In God's Heart

Going Deeper in Christ

Darkness Into Light

The Leaven of the Pharisees

The Potters Vessel

Proof of Speaking in Tongues

Shaking of America

France Attacks

End Time News Updates

Ten Prophecies Fulfilled

Wholly His

Creation, The Fall of Lucifer and the Messiah

Watchmen of the Church


The Lord Cares About the Small Stuff

The Hand of God

The real story of God and Satan

Christians in Hell

Best Video of Heaven and Hell

23 Minutes in Hell- Bill Wiese