Why Should We Change Now?

Why should the church change now? After all our ways are deeply ingrained and too well established to alter now; and, anyway... many of our churches seem to be doing all right the way it is. We've done it this way all these years and be dang if we're going to change now. Why try to change our routine? We're comfortable just the way things are.

What is it that the Lord has been trying to tell us?

The Holy Bible indicates that any deviation from the divine plan of God through His Holy Spirit produces weakness, divisions, strife, increasing fruitlessness, and ultimately death. The present low state of many churches today is a testimony to these facts and the effects of ignoring over a long period of time God's way of working through his ultimate love and grace. Historically speaking in fact churches have gone from meeting in homes during the time of Constantine moving into old pagan buildings turning the church into a religion then Rome where it became a tradition and onto the United States where God's church became a business.

And, it is sad but true that the world sees no difference in how some church people treat one another and can see no real reason why they should believe our witness... in fact call us hypocrites. Instead of us sharing with the world a model of a changed life and be models of His grace the church has become more of a physical church then actually laying down our lives and picking up our cross. We are not dying daily for the sake of the gospel and dwelling in a passionate love affair with our Lord and each other.

This type of witness finally produces resentment in people, repression of their true feelings, feelings of just being used, and finally open rebellion to this type of authority figure from the church. It is law which Scripture assures us can never redeem or restore usbut which must by its very nature condemn and repress.

But praise the Lord. He desires to remind us in these final hours an age-old way which is consistent with His grace by restoring the knowledge of the gospel of dying daily to live and attempting to reveal to the end-time church what we must do to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

Coming out of handed down human traditions into living with our whole hearts by the Spirit of God, rising up, awakening, turning from the evil around us, to follow our Master

* Interestingly enough, there was a man who wrote, “How long, O Lord! How long will evil triumph? Your people have been oppressed for so long now, they have almost given up. Will they even believe me when they read the words that you have instructed me to write? They might mock me. Perhaps they will dismiss this message as the rants of an old man whose mind is gone. Some of these things are so hard to understand. Others are so hard to accept as viable possibilities.

The name of this man was John on the Isle of Patmos and his writing was the Revelation.


Evil has triumphed in our churches and congregation for much too long. Perhaps history is repeating itself and God is calling His people back to Mt. Sinai in a figurative way.

Before the Israelites met with God to receive the law, God asked them to fast and make themselves clean. We too are about to meet our Lord. Will we obey by just examining our hearts? The Lord is on the move. Who will come out of their comfort zones and show the world just how passionately we love our God.

It is my hope through the words of this website that we see areas in our lives that must be cleansed, that have gone on for much too long so we can awaken to who Christ really is.

The Lord is now judging the House of the Lord. Who will accept and who will turn away? Many won't even consider the Revelation in their church studies. Many refuse to hear these warnings of love from the Lord.

Which one are you?