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Walking With God

We pray that we will be lead by your Spirit and walk with you even as Enoch did. In Genesis 3:23-24, it reads, 'So all the Days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years: and, Enoch walked with God; and He was not, for God took Him.'

How was it that Enoch was able to 'walk with God'? Was it because he read a lot of books? Was it because he was a part of some elite Bible Study Group? Was it because he was a part of this super-spiritual or righteous congregation or ministry? Enoch was able to walk with God because he had a humble relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Enoch was able to walk with God because Enoch was able to follow the leading of God's Spirit. Man is able to walk with God. In the Book of Romans 8:l4, 'As many who are lead by the Spirit of God, these are the Sons of God.' This is that relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says in John l4 that it was good that He was going away because of his departure and His shedding His blood on the cross for the pardon of our sins, that He was going to be able to release to us the Holy Spirit. In Hebrew, the Holy Spirit is called the Ruach HaKodesh. And, when God releases the Holy Spirit, He will take of Me and disclose it unto you...John l6:13-15...and lead you and guide you into all truth. So, the secret of 'walking with God' as Enoch did is 'being lead by the Spirit of God'.

Now, in the Old Testament, there were a select few the Holy Spirit was operating though in a very significant way. Enoch, obviously, was one of them, Elijah, Elisha, David, some of the kings, some of the prophets. But, as a whole, the Spirit of God had not been poured out on 'all' flesh as it did during the time of Acts, Chapter 2, on Pentecost.

I want to talk today how it is that you and I can develop an awareness of the Spirit of God to be able to walk with Him.

If God was able to make me aware of His supernatural presence through His Spirit, then why can't I always walk 24/7 in the awareness of God's presence? As I grew, I'd seen where others had supernatural experiences with God. Why wasn't I? So, to be able to become aware at all times of God's supernatural presence was my goal in life. My goal was to become aware not only of His presence but of His agape love and power. The goal for me was never to become a minister. These type of things just became an overflow of my wanting to experience the fullness of God for myself. The fact is that I want to lay a hold of God, just like many of you do, just as He has laid a hold of me, to know Him just as I am known by Him. The fact is that 'we can only know Him by His Holy Spirit' dwelling within us, in our hearts, as He makes us the dwelling place of His Holy Spirit. Eyes have not seen. Ears have not heard and neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him...and these things, Paul said, He reveals to us by His Spirit...I Corinthians 2:9-l0.

There is such beauty, such revelation, such abundance, such fullness, such a rising up in God for us and we come into the realities of these experiences by and through His Spirit.

But, many of you have made Bible reading 'the end' rather then the means to the end. Christian disciplines the end instead of the means 'to the end'. All of these things are important. Witnessing by example is important. Tithing is important. Bible study is important. Going to church or some Christian fellowship is important. All of these things are important. All of these are not the end but they are the means by which we deepen our relationship with Jesus that we might experience Him.

The goal of our faith is to 'walk in a love relationship' with the Lord. That is why He created us.

And, our love relationship will culminate in what the Bible talks about as 'The Marriage Supper of the Lamb found in Revelation l9. Can you imagine marrying someone that you have never experienced?

Can you imagine being married to someone that you've only read and studied about? Can you imagine being married to someone who you have only known as a doctrine? No! Marriage is designed to be one of the most 'intimate' relationship between a man and a woman. He in us and us in Him.

The point I am making to those who are hungry is 'GOD HAS MORE FOR US!'...to experience Him in Jesus! It is a fact that our faith should bring us into a real and living encounter with Him.

In John l4:2l:23, it reads, “If you love Me, then you will obey Me and it will bring you close to Me.”

Your passionate love for Me will lead you to obey Me and have a Oneness with Me. And, because you want 'oneness' with Me then you will obey Me. And, as you love Me and obey me, out of your desire to experience Me, out of a desire for a union and intimacy with Me, you will be drawn to Me and I will be drawn to You. Then, I will release the love of My Father into your hearts. So, you can experience Him in and through that love. And, Jesus said that He would disclose Himself and manifest Himself to you. I Am going to make My Home with you. Where there was one living within, now, there will be two. You and the Holy Spirit of God, Himself, dwelling in His Temple which is within you! Jesus is to be experienced through us everyday right here, right now!

Listen..Walking with God is not just some of the forms of 'religion' that many are trapped in today.

Walking with God is meant to bring us into an intimate, living, passionate, on fire relationship with Jesus...who is a 'living' person! That's why He has a name. Because He is a real person that desires to reveal Himself to us. But, He is not going to reveal Himself to us until we make Him 'King of Our Lives', until we decide to make Him lst in our lives, until we are not ashamed to stand forth and tell Him, “I love you with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength!” He will reveal Himself when three things are in place. The first thing is when we say “Yes” to Him. When we are the person who says, “Lord, I will be like the person who went and sold everything that he had to buy the 'pearl of great price'. That's what it takes. If we are going to be brought to the Lord, we have to come to Him on His terms.

We must forsake everything for Him. Remember, Jesus said, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple”...Luke l4:26. What does that mean? Does that mean that He wants us to turn on our families with hatred or even ourselves? Absolutely not. But, it means that we cannot have

'anything' getting in our way for our love for Him.

Remember the man who told the Lord that he wanted to follow Him but first, he had to go bury his Father? What did the Lord say..,”No”! You let the dead bury the dead...Matthew 8:2l-22. For he that seeks to follow me and then looks back is not worthy of Me. So, the first requirement to enter into this experience with God, if we are going to walk with God like Enoch, we are going to need to be like Abraham who left everything to follow the Lord. So, the first thing that is needed is a big resounding, “YES!” in our heart to the Lord. But, we cannot have 'anything' getting in the way of our love for Him.

“Whatever it takes...Whatever He will have to put me through...I want 'You' more than anything else in this world. I have made up my mind. You are my 'pearl of great price' in my life.”

And, then, secondly, we must truly believe that we are in this relationship with Him that He accepts us 'right where we are at'! Many of us don't really feel close to God; because, deep in our heart, we feel the Lord has condemned us because we aren't 'perfect' yet. I've struggled with that for years. When I prayed, I would have to admit that I didn't love the Lord with all my heart, with all my strength, and with all my soul, with all my might. Then, I would feel rejected. But, then, the Lord brought me to understand that, “No, within your heart, you want to love Me with all your heart...You want to love Me with all your soul...You want to love Me with all your strength!” We might stray at times. There might be thoughts that come into your mind that you may not even be aware of. There might be times when you put your guard down. But, deep inside you, My Son/Daughter, you have a 'YES' for Me! And, I want you to know...LISTEN!...That I LOVE YOU!...right where you're at...even though there is still weakness in you...even though your love is not yet perfected. I want you to know in full humility right now that if you have a true love for God, than your love is real and genuine. I want you to know right now that if you genuinely have a true love for God, if deep in your heart there is a Big 'Yes' to Him, if deep in your heart you are saying, “Lord”...I want to love you! I want to obey

You with all my heart! I'll do whatever it takes! I am willing! I am empty, Lord! Fill me!

I want you to know right now, Beloved, God loves you even in your weakness. And, as the scriptures even speak...Through weakness, I Am made strong! Even though your love is not perfectly mature, He wants to call you and draw you up and ever closer to Himself and use you. God sees His Son in you. He sees your heart and your love relationship with Him is real and He accepts you right now! You are in a real communion with in God's agape love with Him right now!

Ephesians l:4 says that we stand before God, right now, holy and blameless IN LOVE.

So, I want you to have confidence in one thing..In God's love, in His affection, His desire, His burning zeal for you, He created you for Himself for a purpose. And, although your love is not yet perfect,

it is real and God accepts you, loves you, and rejoices in you right now right where you are at.

We must realize that we are in this 'divine romance', that we want to be obedient to His will, that we really do love Him. And, He accepts us right where we are at but only desires that we grow and mature and come out of our rebellion as we walk in Him as we follow the Holy Spirit of God in our lives.

Each morning, we must get up and say, “Today, Lord, I choose to walk with you!” “I choose to overcome by Your might within me today!” “You're my goal!” “You're my prize!” “You're my pearl of great price!” As we go, we try to treat people the way they should be treated through God's love

and mercy and forgiveness for wrongs done to us. When the Lord shows us things, we obey Him, not only through the Word but through God's quickening through the still small voice as He whispers in our ears, and as He speaks perhaps through circumstances, or as the Holy Spirit speaks a word through another, even as the Spirit speaks about something within your life that we acknowledge Him and say, “Yes, Lord, I repent of this thing and I will hear and obey and turn from this sin that has held me for much too long!”

So, as we are pressing forward in this 'love relationship' and this 'divine romance', I just want you to know that Jesus wants to bring all of us into this divine experience that we are emotionally experiencing Him in reality that it's not just what He did for Paul, or King David, or the prophets.

It is Him working as He did them in our lives also. Right now! In this life!

That is why God said, 'Let us make man in our image'. It was so He could fellowship with us.

He wants to 'dwell with us', to have this 'encounter with Him', this relationship with Him! He wants to bring you 'near' to Himself!

Jesus is referred to in scripture as the Groom and we are referred to as the Bride. This is romance language. This is a relationship that is supposed to be 'more than' talked about. It's not something that we just 'study'.

Love is something that you live. It is something that you feel. It is something that you experience and share.

This is why God spoke of this relationship as 'rivers of living water' that will flow from our innermost beings...when we are in this divine romance with Him. This life is experienced from deep within our heart and belly and just has to be poured out shared with others. This is what makes it exciting and never work...but counted as all joy. This is why we can be passionate about our Lord.

For those who are willing, Christ is calling, “My sheep hear My voice and follow Me.”

Don't be afraid to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. God in us! Christ died so the Spirit could come.

All I can say is I jumped into the deep waters of the Holy Spirit and I've never walked alone since and have experienced wonders beyond my wildest dreams.

Ask the Lord to join you and fill you with Himself. I can promise you....Your life will never be the same. It is for those who are willing that Christ came and calls 'Come..Be filled with all of Me!' Hallelujah!

*Scripture text from Kings James Version.

*Certain quotes...R. Schneider