I Corinthians 6: 9-ll...CJB “Don't you know that unrighteous people will have no share in the Kingdom of God?  Don't delude yourselves – people who engage in sex before marriage, who worship idols, who engage in sex after marriage with someone other than their spouse, who engage in active or passive homosexuality, who steal, who are greedy, who get drunk, who assail people with contemptuous language, who rob – none of them will share in the Kingdom of God.  Some of you used to do these things. But you have cleansed yourselves, you have been set apart for God, you have come to be counted righteous through the power of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and the Spirit of our God.”

 Let us take a look at 'grace' and what has come out of our hearts today.  We take 'grace' and has become this incredible covering to go out and sin..this incredible covering to see how close we can get to hell without being burned.  There are so many things in this world that we can taste, touch, and handle.

 The question that I have for you is, “What's in your heart?”

 If this is the way that you want to live your Christian testimony, what's in your heart when you want to go out and knowingly sin and then come to church and pretend you love Jesus on Sunday morning?

 First, if you are to be a faithful child in a Nation who is in decline and crisis, you must expose false religion where it exists.  This is not the time for tolerance. This is not the time for embracing everybody and saying that it doesn't really matter what you believe as long as you follow your heart.  

 LISTEN...This world is full of damning false religion.  

 I have been accused for years of being different, that I'm too passionate, and intolerant but I consider that a compliment as the call came to set my life apart and so I have.

I am as passionate, different, and intolerant as Christ is, as the Bible is.  I am against anything that damns people's souls while promising them Heaven.

It is a direct message.  We are not just speaking of making people feel good.  We confront lies. And, I want you to know that when you take a look at American Christianity, it is based more on a godless culture than it is upon the Word of God.

And, there are so many people who have been deceived that just because they prayed a prayer one time in their life that they are going to Heaven without the growth and obedience to Christ's commandments in the process.  And, then, when they look around at others who profess to know Christ and see those people as just as worldly as the world, and they compare themselves by themselves, nothing bothers their heart.

They think, “ Well, I'm the same as most of the people in my church.”  I watch things that I shouldn't watch on television. I laugh about the very things that God hates.  I wear clothing that are sensual. My mouth speaks like the world. I walk like the world. I love the music that is in the world.  I love so much that which is in the world. But, bless God, I am a Christian.

Why do I say I'm a Christian?  Because I look like everybody else in my church!

Why am I a Christian?  Because one time, I said that prayer and asked the Lord Jesus into my heart?  

 'For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.'

Why then does God's Word speak of, 'Be ye holy...for I Am Holy!'

 They know the truth but there is a truth that is not held.  Our faith is just something that we hold onto when things get too rough.  When the rain comes, we know where the Ark is so we can run to the Ark. We can all run there and get safe.  But, in the meanwhile, let's go and play. Let's just go out and enjoy all things this life has to offer that is leading us astray and away from the very Lord we say we serve.  It is showing the world truth in unrighteousness. We never have been brought to the level of understanding and what holiness means to be a part of the Body of Jesus Christ.

 What you need to know is that SALVATION is BY FAITH and faith alone in Jesus Christ!  And, faith, alone, in Jesus Christ is followed by REPENTANCE...that turning around and walking away from all that displeases God...a turning away from sin, a hatred for the things that God hates. And, we start loving what God loves and acting the way the Lord would ask us to act, a growing in Holiness and a desire not to be like the world, and not to be like the majority of American Christians but to be like Jesus Christ.

 I think you are thinking about other folks.  No...I'm talking about you. What's been in your heart?

 The Word says that 'He gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their own heart to discern of their own bodies between themselves.  What this verse means is He just removed His restraining hand...It's simple! And, then, there is a free for all and that is what is happening in America today.  We are living in a Nation who has been baptized with filth. If you are a godly person, it has to bother you deep in your soul, in your heart. It's filth. If you are a godly person, this has to vex you.  Everywhere...FILTH! Filth in our actions, out of our hearts, out of our mouth...Us..who professes to know Christ and live by His Holy Spirit. We are sliding so fast. It is happening so quickly. You must become AWARE of how fast this is happening...of all the false teachings that have been introduced within the church in the last 50 years and much of the professing church is going to go with it, I'm afraid!  ...Unless there is an AWAKENING in our generation...a complete and total AWAKENING!

 It's a time for battle.  It's time to be reaching men, and women, and children with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's a time to be living righteously. It's time that we have the sweet savor of Christ leading the way wherever we may go.  


It's time that we be involved with the work of the Body of Christ...which has always been to show forth Christ's love to a lost and dying world, a fallen humanity.

 It's time we pray to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit asking the Lord to strengthen us and give us his assurance and peace as we go.  

Prayer:  Oh, Living God, Touch Me and My Mind, again.  OPEN the Word of God to me as never before, Strengthen Me by Your Power...Lead me, OH God, to somebody today, somebody who just needs to know someone you would lead me to through the course of my day.  Let me about the work of God. Lord, I will not hang around and take in the values of spiritually dead people. I am set apart and will not associate with those who follow false doctrines but will pray for them to see the Light of Christ and turn to follow Him with all of their hearts.

 The sin that is done in secret...what harm can it do?  More harm than you could know. More than you can understand without the Light of our Lord.  See Again – I Cor.6:9-11.

Don't let some feel good pastor get you into these things.  It is not OK.

Do Not Be Deceived by every wind of doctrine...Church!

We are not saved to do these things but to grow into the likeness of Christ living and flowing through us...dying daily so Christ may live through us.

But the scripture says, 'But such were some of you.  But, you are washed. But, you were sanctified. You were justified by the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of God living in you.

Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit by false actions, words, and worldly deeds.

Sanctified means that you were 'SET APART' to glorify God and you were given the power to maintain that separation from your own lifestyle.

 I'm not troubled in my heart over your self-esteem.  I am not troubled in my heart what you feel about yourself that life is turning out the way you want it to turn out or whether or not your checkbook is balanced.  There is only one thing that gives me sleepless nights...Within 50 years, the great majority of people within hearing distance will be in hell.

You can tell when someone is speaking from God.  You can tell that his words are true.

But, you cannot be moved to change your behavior.  You can't be moved to bend your knee. You cannot be moved to say, 'My ways are not God's ways.'  It's a strange game for those who have been playing games with the things of God.

Just always remember...Our Father gave up His Son so we could be free.  

Hosea 52:6 says, 'We, like sheep, have gone astray.  We have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.  He laid on Him the wrath of God that we deserve. So, through Him, we can walk out of our prisons into His very character and holiness.  We can walk with a 'new heart'. We can walk with a 'new mind'.

The Lord is in process of restoration..restoring that which was lost.  Come and Walk with Him. The Time is short. Make your decision today!

Amen?  Amen.

II Timothy 3: 1-5 Living Bible

James l: 19-27 Living Bible