soul to soul

Spider Cancer Healed

The Lord works in strange and marvelous ways. For example, a group of Christian ladies started coming to our home for what my Mother always called, 'Poor Man's soup'. It was simply water, potatoes, a little onion, salt and pepper, and homemade egg dumplings. A time or caring and prayer broke out. And, it was a joy each time we could come together.

It was during this time that one lady from the group came with a deep burden on her heart. Her friend had just been diagnosed with spider cancer which had been confirmed on a mammogram. We prayed for her that day and we all agreed to ask her if she would agree to come to our home for prayer. She was a lot shy but ultimately, she did come.

Her friend and I took her to a quiet place while the other ladies started praying downstairs.

She started sharing how she could not afford any surgery and she was going to have to go to University Hospitals in Iowa City, Iowa, to have a complete mastectomy only with a local anesthetic. And, she was understandably anxious about the whole situation.

As we prayed, she was overcome by the Spirit of God. And, she was told that the Lord wasn't finished with her yet.

The next day, the day of her surgery, we continued in prayer for her.

Days went by and no news came back to us. Finally, I called my friend and asked her how she was doing?

“Well, didn't you know that she came home the same day?”

I asked, “How could that be?”

Her answer was, “Well, she got there and they examined her before the surgery and to their surprise, there was no spider cancer to be found.” All they needed to remove was a small mole.

She had been totally and miraculously healed.

God doesn't use just the big named evangelists to heal the sick. But, he uses those of faith, the do-nothings and nobodies of this world to do the same.

All things are possible to those that believe...even those congregating to eat simple Poor Man's soup.