Many would think that words or messages from the Lord are a bunch of boo ha ha! Recently, the Lord gave me a Vision through a dream. Then, a Pastor friend of ours wrote two messages about the RAPTURE AND SEPARATING OURSELVES. Walking the walk of consecration and holiness just seem impossible to some.
Well, in obedience to the Lord, I wrote the Words the Lord had given to two witnesses, both Ruth and myself.
In completion, I just happened to look down to another writing from another friend from Boise, Idaho, written some time ago. What he wrote only confirms both of our experiences only through a teaching.
I invite you to read the three messages, 'lst Love Dream Vision', 'Urgent Rapture Message', and 'SEPARATE YOURSELVES'. Then, you are invited to read these final words that just appeared as a surprise even to this writer confirming that as we were lead, we obeyed.
Hope you enjoy seeing the Lord work as well as I did.
Let's join him as he writes...
'O God..Thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirstest for Thee, my flesh longeth for Thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; to see Thy Power and Thy Glory, SO I HAVE SEEN THEE IN THE SANCTUARY...Ps. 63:1-2. 'Sanctuary'--from the Hebrew word that means: 'the set apart' or separated place. As long as we are deeply wrapped and entangled with the things of this world, we cannot see the coming glory of His Kingdom, for the eyes are clouded with the things about us. Even when we come to loathe the old, and fain would break away and receive a fresh vision from God, not 'till He draws us to the 'sanctuary' being set apart...a separation unto Him, are our eyes washed, and we begin to see more clearly.
Religion Blinds...Religion preys upon the ascetic senses of the soul, with its music, its art and form, and through its musements it channels the sight of worshippers to see and receive just what it would dictate through its suggestion and creed and tradition. Eyes are conditioned to see exactly what their leaders want them to see, and thus they are BLINDED, lest at any time the truth be known and men leave that religious system.
"Turn your eyes upon 'Jesus', look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the 'light' of His glory and grace." We do not condemn any of the present forms and orders of praise and worship, we know that God uses them, they serve their own appointed purposes. Yet, we find that the old order is passing and our heart cries out for the NEW.
Yes, there is an EYESIGHT that reaches out BEYOND THE NIGHT WATCHES to see the dawning of the NEW DAY, and in so doing, are willing to be QUICKENED ACCORDING TO THY JUDGMENTS. Enlightened understanding knows that His judgments are meant for our good -- they are crisis points which turn us to 'Him'. a process that brings a quickening, 'the inflow of His Life.'
But, we also find that as we walk onward daily there are those momentary crisis, possibly not even discerned by those around us..but moments when the Holy Spirit zeros in--alerts us to a need--an attitude--etc.--which we then surrender to the Lord for His cleansing, being renewed into an expression of Christ's nature. That is why we say it is an on-going process of change until we are fully conformed to His Very Image, to be found to His Praise... A Holy Bride Fit for His Kingdom.
ANOINTED EYESIGHT...were our eyes anointed to see, we would know that so many things that happen throughout the day are being used for our inner purification and perfection. So many of the pressures and testings are but 'judgments' to bring us to a point of crisis where we turn more to Him.
ANOINTED see that all the present shakings of present times, when kingdoms rise and fall, are but a prelude for the establishment of HIS KINGDOM, and so He is overthrowing the Kingdoms of this world, until all is subdued before Him, and every knee shall bow before seek His face.
Ray Prinzing