'Quiet Time'

Hear these words from the Lord found in John l4:2l-23...'Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to Him.'

As a brand new Christian many years ago, I had a friend from my church hand me a tiny pamphlet simply called, 'Quiet Time'. Little did I realize that this small gift would be one of the most important lessons in coming into that true intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in my life.

The Lord's greatest desire is to have an intimate relationship with you. You will come to know a greater awareness of the Lord's Spirit within you when you just are willing to meet with Him and devote time just to sit quietly before Him and allow Him to come and make Himself known to you.

In my personal experience, I had a passionate desire to know the One who came and saved me in such a miraculous way. From a life of darkness to a new life of light, acceptance and love, after reading that tiny little book, I couldn't wait to try it and go ahead into that intimate love relationship that I'd read was possible.

Early morning was my favorite time. I would wake up early and go put on, then, praise albums or just any music that could be lifted up to the Lord in praise and love. It wasn't long before John l4:l2-23 became real in my life. For as I gave myself to Him through praise, love, and worship, His presence came to me and that new life took off and now has lasted for many, many years. From just entering that Quiet Time with Him, the maturing began. Getting to know the inner workings of the Holy Spirit deep within my soul blossomed. And, I came to realize that it never was really work but the most astonishing adventure I had ever undertaken to follow.

As you sit before the Lord, He will bring you into a greater understanding of who you are to Him and in Him. You will come into His Holy Presence and you will come to realize areas in your life where you realize that you have been walking in darkness and repent and turn away into more light than darkness. With each new encounter with the living Lord, like layers of sin, they will begin to fall off one by one and you will come into His very character infiltrating your soul.

As the years have passed since that initial time in my life, Jesus has helped me to understand that as I give myself to Him that He will reveal Himself and show Himself and His love to me. We don't obey Him to earn His love. But out of our love for Him, we just desire to walk in obedience and oneness with Him.

Even the word called 'obedience' bothers a lot of us. But, it isn't that we are obedient because we 'have' to; but we are obedient because we love Him and want to do anything to get closer and closer to that Spirit of Agape Love for and in us. Obedience separates us unto our God and you soon find yourself in the most wonderful, alive, intimate relationship with the true and living God. The Bible says, 'Lord, not my will, but Thine be done'. As we give our life to Him, He comes to us and fellowships with us and we start to mature in Him realizing that He is alive. That, he isn't some side fairytale but our true and living Lord and Savior.

Simply a small gift from a dear friend, one small pamphlet named 'Quiet Time' changed my life and relationship with our living God forever. I hope this small page on a website helps you do the same in your life. Life with Christ is an adventure. Try it! I guarantee! Your life will never be the same!