Word of Knowledge

November 22, 20l3

“I Am going to take you back in time where the church began to celebrate Me in a wrong manner. Truth in Righteousness and Character are My goal. And, now, I Am going to bring about something new yet always was present before your eyes through My Word. I want to show you where through time that the church came out of My true order into the traditions of men. My church has been corrupted by these things that I will show you. As I show you and as you turn back to Me, marriages will be healed, families will be healed, whole congregations will be healed, and you shall go forth in My Name, My love of agape will be your banner, and you will go forward in My Character upon the earth. As Precious Jewels, you shall shine as a bright beckon to show forth who I truly am in Character and Truth.”

“As I show you the right from the left, the old will pass away and the new arise among your people.

The mighty awakening is on the move as I Am right now moving within your midst. People will be amazed and come to the light from above that dwells in you.

From now on, you will begin to truly walk, talk, and I will be able to flow through you as never before. You will no longer think your thoughts alone but My thoughts will direct your life in My fullness. You are about to climb up to a higher plain and feel the true freedom that I have to offer.

Just realize that just as with me, as I lead you into more of My Glory and as My Truths are made manifest that persecutions from religious leaders may arise through those still caught up in religious traditions and a rule mentality. Stay true to My Word and I will not only bring you true freedom through My Holy Spirit but you will realize that I am right by your side so others may see My True Light and live.

As you yield to My Will, you will experience My Presence as never before. Where there was only dry barren, fallow ground, crops and a great harvest of souls will come through My love, kindness, and miracle working power working through your lives.

Many will come to know that I am alive and fall at your feet wanting what you have received from above.

I Am calling out a people for My use...I Am coming soon to take away My Precious Bride rightly prepared and adorned for Her Bridegroom; for it is You, My Beloved that I have always awaited.. Prepare and Hear My Words for now is the time! I Am the Lord.”


Received via e-mail...December 28, 20l3

Word of Prophecy given by Chuck Pierce...'I heard the Lord saying something to us right now. I see that He's going to go back in time where you celebrated Him wrongly, where families have gotten messed up, where things have happened, and this year, He's going to do something different. He's going to make us white as snow. He says, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow.” Something else is going to happen, also, you're going to see your sons and your daughters coming home in new ways...they'll be like rich jewels. Areas in your family where you've said, “How will my bloodline and the inheritance come forth?” You'll see your family bloodline begin to shine in a new way. And one more thing—this will be a year of seeking God, and in the midst of it, don't think your thoughts, think His thoughts. His ways are higher than your ways. As rain and snow come down from heaven and stay on the ground and water the earth, the word of promise over your life is going to rise up, and you're going to see a manifestation, and you're going to say, “This is my season for miracles!”


I Corinthians l4:32...For the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.