Thus saith the Lord, "Behold I shall speak plainly so you may escape the coming wrath." "Sons and daughters of men, COME OUT of the traditions of men and be joined unto Me. Your ONLY Sanctuary. Yes. I, your redeemer. Come out and be separated wholly unto Me. as your Head and made to become complete Lord of your life." "Touch no more the unclean things of this world nor let hypocrisy enter your ears anymre nor worship me in that way anymore."

I am looking for a Holy Remnant, saith the Lord God of Israel. I Am looking for a holy and separated people.

Turn Back To Me!

Many people come, many people hear, but many people still refuse to listen to My Words - 'Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand'!

For My People speak many abominations with their mouths, many cruelties with their tongues, many 'heresies'... 'harrassies' by their actions.

Yes you say, "There are only great days ahead. Our churches are growing. There is revival in the land". "There is no fault among us... everything is as it should be!" "God has been truly blessing us".

Yet hear these words of mine, saith the Lord of True Love and Grace. "I Am looking for a Bride 'FIT' for My Kingdom." "Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear... 'Listen' to what I Am saying."

There is even now judgement sweeping throughout the House of the Lord. Even the heathen can see that the sky is blue. Yet, my people are so lazy, they even refuse to look up! They refuse to see what is clearly visible. They only can sit and talk amongst themselves and say, "Life is sweet... Let us eat, drink and be merry!"

The world swirls towards final judgement, evil is rampent in the land... Yet, where is the faith of My People? My chuches slumber and I call them to 'Awaken'!

Rise Up... therefore, again, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God' and give up and forsake every type of idol and every type of evil that remains in you. I am ready to cleanse and heal your land... if you will only 'Repent' with your whole heart and seek me as complete Lord and Savior of your life!

Remember, in My Word, I told My House Israel that I would call in beggers off the street to sit at my Holy Banquet table with me? Now, I tell you an even greater secret for the Kingdom...I have not come to call 'respectable' people into my Kingdom but 'outcasts'!

Blessed are those who seek love among the brethren, unity, and peace!

Blessed are those who are persectured for My Name's sake!

Blessed are those who still hunger and thirst for righteousness sake!

Blessed are those who hate sin of every kind...and have no part in it!

To you, My True and Faithful Bride, I speak Good News..."I am coming soon, like a thief in the night, for you, My love! "It has been always for you that I have anxiously awaited even at the door... Soon, very soon, we will be together. There is little yet to do; but all must come to completion... then, I will come... for you! Stay strong... Stay true to the end... Be of good cheer. My Beloved... for My Heart sees much good pleasure in You!"






I pray all is well with you...