The Spirit of Elijah in Today's World (Message)

In I Kings l6 through approximately II Kings 2:8-l8, the Bible teaches us about the life and ministry of the prophet Elijah, from his confrontations with Ahab and Jezebel, prophetic warnings, challenges to Israel, confrontations with false prophets, to the many miracles God brought through him.

As through Moses, who spoke for God during his generation, so God sent Elijah to speak and cry out against the sin and decay of his day. Just as John the Baptist spoke in the Spirit of Elijah preparing the way for the Lord, so the Spirit of Elijah is moving through our people today.

We can only see the character of God's chosen spokesman as we see it standing radically against the darkness and sin of his times. Elijah was an on fire, passionate witness from the wilderness east of the Jordan River. He bore burning flames of indignation against the evil blackness of his time.

In an amazing contrast, we see the elements of goodness and evil, righteousness and wickedness, holiness and impurity through Israel's history. Since the time of Moses and Pharoah, never had there been such convulsive confrontations between right and wrong. Moses, Elijah, and John the Baptist were each unique in their time sent to warn the people of God against sin and apathy.

But, it is my firm belief with confirmation that the Lord is at this very moment involved and has anointed people to move in the Spirit of Elijah paving the way and preparing a path for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just as Moses was sent on behalf of God to his generation and time, so again the Lord has come to anoint spokespeople to cry out against the moral decay within our church body and nation today.

The goodness, and greatness, and godliness of this desert nomad can only be measured against the overwhelming corruption of his culture. Religious, moral and social apathy were consuming Israel. Just like the dark sin accepted within the Body of Christ today, the entire body of Israel was decaying and dying under the influence of their own inner moral corruption and decay. Just as in the time of Elijah and through the time of John the Baptist and Jesus, Himself, our religious system has gone from following the precept of loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving one another as ourselves into allowing sin to once again take hold for all the world to see. Instead of walking in a passionate love for God, many have turned to the belief and actions of a lost world, lukewarm, and in need of revival and awakening We've needed to see and return to the very character of the God in which we 'say' we serve. Through the time of the early church, the time of Constantine, throughout the dark ages, right up until today, just as the Pharisees of old pronounced their own what the Jewish people called takanot or man-made rules and fence laws, so we have followed and turned many of the truths of God into just more traditions of men and rules of religion and through deception. The belief of the workings of the Holy Spirit abiding in our hearts, speaking boldly each day for Christ, and moving in a heart-felt passion has been replaced by a more laid back and comfortable as not to ruffle our feathers or lose members. We have come to speak harsh words while extending the left hand of fellowship to others all under the guise of serving Christ in His character.

The Lord tells us that 'Love is the Key' not just more dead, dreary religion where people just see more hypocrisy in our witness through the fire of hidden hatreds toward one another. So, where has the fire of God's love in us and the desire to live a righteous, passionate life living in God's presence rising as a testimony gone within our hearts? As with the people in the time of Elijah, the warnings were ignored and the prophets persecuted by the leaders of their day as in our day.

But, Praise the Lord, just as the Lord found a man, one solitary man, a wilderness man, to speak to his people in their present condition through moral decay and sin, the Lord has risen up a people with tender hearts who solely wish to follow and obey His leading and become a beacon shining in the light of the Lord's deep love for His people speaking forth and warning them of sin. Elijah came out of the wilderness to challenge his people to repentance. God's warnings would be their only salvation from the judgment to come.

The parallels with our own time in history are starkly the same. We in the Western world have had a godly heritage. The Constitution of our country was grounded upon the declaration of God's Word. Our forefathers were those who revered and respected righteousness. At one time, as a free nation, we found our nation's strength in following the commandments of God. We called ourselves a Christian people who put their trust in God.

Much of that has changed. Israel, sadly to say, hasn't been the only nation to turn its back on God. She has not been alone in rejecting the righteousness required of her by a loving and compassionate Lord. In all seriousness, aren't we doing the same today?

Just as in the time of Ahab we are beginning to behave as if God's power does not exist or that He will just look the other way if we sin. He has become regarded as irrelevant to our age of making a living, computers, television, and ipads. We have become so completely preoccupied with our own plans, pride, and programs, so caught up in our own petty pastimes and pursuits that the real purposes of God for us have become completely bypassed, both within the church and through our daily lives. Passion has faded to lethargy, a slumbering sleep has overtaken us and we live more in just a business mentality instead of living by God's Spirit and will. And, so, we wonder why the churches of today have fallen into such abandonment and the youth see so much hypocrisy and leave in droves.

But, Praise the Lord, in His compassion and mercy, just as with John the Baptist who moved and had his being through the 'Spirit of Elijah', so the Lord is raising up people today who are not afraid to speak against the sin of our times.

In the 6-22-87, David Wilkerson's Newsletter, he spoke at that time of certain characteristics as confirmed through Malachi 4:5-6...Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

These characteristic include:

'...Like John the Baptist, these anointed will be Preachers of Righteousness. They will declare,

“Stop doing evil and return to Christ's true character.”

...These people will 'thunder against sin and apathy'. (Apathy def..'to not really care'; or lack of interest.)

...These people live with a deep passion and are wholly dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. They

are detached from any worldly judgments or thinking. They want 'only' the mind of Christ. They

want and walk only in the 'Light of Christ'. (Affirmation: The Word came to John – a man 'outside'

every religious body. He was educated by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit alone.)


...Called a troublemaker.

...These people hate sin but this comes out of a 'very strong love' for God's people.

(Elijah was not a people-hater. He was a sin-hater.)

...These people are a 'weeping' people who decide to walk 'alone' if necessary.

...They no longer walk with the uncommitted nor the passive, the pleasure loving, nor the


These people will go forth with sufficient oil, the oil of devotion to Christ.

The Lord has been calling out 'a wilderness people' who have come out of Babylon and are

consumed with hunger for more of Christ and His Righteousness.'

Even though we may lose some we love due to our obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, we must continue to bring forth God's message of repentance without apology for we were called in the Spirit of Elijah. It's not an easy walk. But, we want to see God's people clothed in righteous living and honoring God with their 'whole' hearts for it will be by the testimony of our hearts that the lost will stop calling God's church hypocrites and in stark contract, by our witness of love for the Lord and one another, the awakening and harvest of souls will be brought in. What joy will be realized as we see others walk in that light as we also walk in the light of God's agape love and righteousness arrayed in beauty at the Lord's return.

While the blind lead the blind just focused on bigger and better ministries, these have a single eye focused on Christ; and, their whole body is full of.......'LIGHT'!

I just pray that this message will quicken and encourage our readers who have felt this calling in your

life. Like with Elijah, you aren't the only one called but there are others. Now, go and be encouraged.

You are not alone in your quest for God. We are His last day messengers who dwell in the 'Spirit of Elijah'. Halleujah! Go in the power of God's Name. Amen.

Certain character quotes by permission: World Challenge, P.O. Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771

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David Wilkerson's Newsletter ...6/22/87