Vision and Word from the Lord

“The issue My church is not the 'works of the flesh' is Dwelling In My Love. As My Word says,

'Choose this day whom you will serve'.”

He starts writing on a piece of paper with an ink pen. Only, the ink pen is turned around the wrong way and no ink is coming out no matter how hard He tries. He wants His children to take notice of how we have been holding the pen.

The flow of ink cannot flow out to bear ink (depiction of the flow of the Holy Spirit on the page which is the world.) The same goes with the churches. Many churches have turned from the flow of the Holy Spirit and have turned to their own ends, plans, meetings, and agendas. No ink of the Holy Spirit has been able to flow out onto the page from them for so long now. But, the solution is simple. Take the pen out of the box and simply turn it around.

Thus saith the Lord...”Like I said to Peter three times, “Peter, Do You Love Me”...I now say to you.

My Church, Do You Truly Love Me?

My People, Do You Truly Love Me?

Do 'You' Truly Love Me?”

Then, Truly, I say unto you...Feed My Sheep...the way I have fed you.

Care For One Another...the way I've cared for you.

Love One Another...the way I have loved you.

Adopt One Another, even Strangers...the way I adopted you.

Tend to One Another's Needs...the way I've cared for your needs.

Show One Another Mercy...the way I've shown you mercy.

Forgive One Another...Bear No Grudges..the same as I have done unto you.

Show Compassion to Others...the way I have shown compassion to you.

Show True Grace to One Another..the way I have shown you grace.

Take your place by those who lag behind...the way I came to you in your need.

Encourage One Another...the way I have encouraged you.

Become Mentors to Others...the way I have mentored you...Set Good Examples.

Then, Humbly and Graciously, I ask – Return to Me, My lost, weary lambs with all of your hearts.. now not as just Savior but now as complete Lord of every aspect of your lives. Humbly, I ask you to do as your Master has done for you. Obey My every Word of Love for My Father and for One Another. And, it will be then that I know you truly love Me. And I will clothe you in My righteousness as the noonday sun. For, the time is right at the door before My soon return.

To those who will do My will are those that truly love Me. To you I speak...Hear My True and Faithful Bride, the Words that I have spoken from the beginning...'A Deeper Commandment I give to you...'That you shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. And you shall love one another...not any longer in a way you just love yourself...but in a new way...THE WAY I HAVE LOVED YOU! Then, and only then, will the lost look upon you and take notice and see the true character of the Lord and be converted...and All of My Churches who hear and heed will be healed and their prayers for healing answered...Thus saith the Lord of True Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Grace.

Special Comments: “This message seems to be a message first to individuals...then corporately.”

“This message is 'To Become Our Agenda”.

Milton Harbuck

Indian Hills Baptist Church

North Little Rock