Wonderful Friends,

When I was growing up, one of the exciting things about summertime was for my sister and I to spend time at our aunt and uncle's ranch. They had fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, cattle, chickens, horses, etc. Everyday life there was filled w/ adventure!

The gray, stone block house, was big, but it didn't have a basement. Instead, it had what they called a

“root cellar”.

Going down into the root cellar was one of our most favorite things!

It was such a wonderful hiding place, and in the dim light, everything seemed quite mysterious.

There were trunks w/ clothes, boxes of toys, tables with tools, games and books. Long shelves, from floor to ceiling, were stacked with jars and jams, canned vegetables, dried fruits, meats and big round circles of cheese wrapped in cheese cloth. These people would never run out of anything! Everything they needed seemed to come from the abundance of their storehouse.

Does that sound familiar? Jesus said we speak from the abundance of our heart.

Whatever our heart is filled with will find its expression in our words. (Mt. 12:34-37)

Our words have such power, we are held accountable for every “idle” word we speak. “Idle” here means “careless, rude, thoughtless, or unkind”. Be aware of how the words you speak affect others!

The root cellar was cleaned out on a regular basis. Anything over ripe, moldy, or rotting had to be thrown out. When the “contents” of our heart are cleaned out, our words release 'light' and 'life'!

Right words, spoken from a pure heart, change atmospheres!

Loving you...praying for you! Pastor BB Rail

By Permission

The choice is ours.

The fairest one is the one who acts and obeys God out of trust and love!

What do you see in the mirror?

Loving you...Pastor BB Rail