September 16, 2019
Dream Vision
Life had been quite normal for quite some time. Oh, scriptures say that 'young men will see visions and old people will dream dreams'. But, it had been quite a while since the Lord had revealed anything to me. The visions and dream visions had been more common once again as the Spirit willed and on the early morning of September, the Lord spoke just before I woke up.
That morning, Jesus, My Master Teacher, entered the room and we began to speak. He asked me, " What does it mean to 'return to your lst love?" And, for some reason, He started showing me this 'city of lights'. Then, as I was looking at the 'city of lights', He says, "As it be in Heaven so shall it be on earth."
He holds a Bible and starts opening it and reading me scriptures...not of just 'my' returning to 'my' lst love but 'the Bride' returning to her lst love in preparation for His return.
He sat down and I sat beside Him and He started thumbing through the Scriptures showing me scriptures of how His lst Bride acted in that lst love from the beginning after His ascension through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Scriptures like...'Die to Self, Live for Christ, Care More for Others than You Do Yourself, Isaiah 60:1-2...'Arise, and shine like the sun; The glory of Lord is shining on you! Other nations will be covered with darkness, But on you the 'light' will shine; The brightness of his presence will be with you. And, finally,
'Restore us to 'yourself', O'Lord, that we may 'return' and renew our days of old.'
Since this dream vision, I have become hungry for the Word but for some reason, I have been lead to return to my very lst Bible...'The Good News Bible'. I was lead to go back to the Book of Acts on and have been having an insatiable appetite for the Word, especially how the life of Christ was expressed through the Church of the lst Fruits Love as I call it.
Since the writing down of this vision, I have received messages from different Pastors who likewise are receiving the same type messages from the Lord. So, I hope to be able to pass all to you for your consideration and careful prayer and conclusions. The Lord is calling. The time is so close. Who will respond and who will turn away?