'Send The Fire'

Notes:  To young and old alike,  You know? It's important who we listen to.  Your atmosphere you have in your home is very important.  It's important who we come under the influence of whether friends or family.  Unfortunately, this is happening to so many young people today not including those who are more mature.  It is easy to get cold to the things of God in today's world. It's easy to 'get cold' even if you were raised in a Christian home.

Are you cold when it comes to doing God's will?  Well, what you haven't realized is He's calling your name.  He is coming soon and is active in the world today. And, He wants 'You' there with Him and beside Him and you are so valuable that He wants you involved in what He is doing.  What do you think about that?

  I heard a song the other day from the Brownsville Revival.  It was called...'Send A Fire'.

I thought you would like to hear the amazing words from this song...

        'Oh, God of burning, cleansing flame...Send the Fire!

        Your blood bought gift today we claim...Send the Fire, Today!

        God of Elijah...Hear our cry...Send the Fire!

        And, make us fit to live or die...Send the Fire, Today!

        Come and burn up every trace of sin.

        Bring the light and glory in...

        The Revolution now begins...Send the Fire, Today!

        Send the Fire!  Send the Fire! Send the Fire!...Send the Fire, Today!

        It's Fire, we want.  It's Fire, we plead!...Send the Fire!

        Only the Fire of God will meet our every need...Send the Fire, Today!

        Give us strength to always do what's right.

        And, give us Grace to conquer in the fight.

        And, give us Power to walk this world in white...Send the Fire, Today!

        Send the Fire...Send the Fire...Send the Fire...Send the Fire, Today!'

 Many of us have grown cold on the eve of destruction.  Many of us want only what the world can give us. But, Wait!  Jesus has so much more.

 Ask God to send the Fire of the Holy Spirit into your life today.  Whether you are young or old, Christian or non-Christian. God is calling.  Our hearts are aching and breaking under the weight of this world of hatred and sin.  

 We, here, at Life-Light Ministries urge you to consider just how cold we have become, tired and lithargic.  May we all begin to pray those words...”Lord...Send Your Fire, Today!”