As we lay down our lives totally now and take up our camp and just follow Christ and watch Him with His staff take complete care of us as His Bride gathered together, let us truly begin to 'Love One Another' and let us burn with the fire of devotion and fervent love for our Master. We have spoken it for so long now...Jesus as Savior, but let us now speak of one greater...Jesus as 'Complete' King and Lord of our lives, now given over to a total commitment and given completely over in obedience to His Word and voice within our hearts.

It's going to just be 'Jesus'. This Bride is being called out. She is shaking off the debris of self and sin. She is coming alive as never before. We're becoming a loving body, a fasting body, a caring body, and a miraculous body. Jesus has truly called us to 'awaken'. We are coming into the knowledge of it's time to stand for right and take our place by His side. We not only are coming alive to Jesus but to one another as never before.

When one falls, instead of just saying, “You'll be in our prayers”...we will rise up and take our place by their side and help pick them up, both giving and sharing in their need. People will see and run to such love. Multitudes will be saved as they see hope where there has been no hope.

We must stop deliberately trying to be critical of one another. God is tired of harsh, judgmental spirits amongst His people. God is calling and changing attitudes and healing the brokenhearted amongst His own.

It was told to me that 'Jesus didn't die on the cross to make church buildings. He died on the cross and shed His precious blood 'to make disciples'...ones who would obey His Word. Therefore, we are just not Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Assembly of God, and so on, but the chosen, the elect, the called out ones who are to act as Jesus walked on this earth, open to be filled with His very presence through the Holy Spirit in our lives, demonstrating to a lost and hurting world the love, grace,

power, and greatness of our King.

We should be excited being alive in these last days, filled with joy as we catch the vision of His End Time Ministry. We're to choose whom we will serve....self or Jesus Christ...with all of our

hearts. We're free to love God with every part of our being, worship Him 24/7 through our actions, words, and deeds. We've arrived at that time in history...Jesus is about to appear. We want to be without spot or blemish. We want our lamps full of oil and our hearts yearning for His soon return.

And, the love of God has been released now so we can go unhindered to love even to the ends of the earth as never before, prepare, watch, repent, and be ready.

Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never left us...We left Him.

He and He alone is calling His Church back to Himself. The outpouring of that call is backed by the agape love of His heart and will revolutionize His people before He comes to claim His Bride.

The harvest is great but the laborers are few. Therefore, let us pray for laborers to go into the harvest. We can only hope that in what we have been given freely from the Lord that when He comes...He will find us faithful.

Welcome to the pure Bride of Christ, adorned with His glory deemed for the Master's use.

Welcome to the 'Family of God' that only God can adore with such beauty.

Become as His little children clothed in power and anointing which is His Holy Spirit discernment.

Return to your lst love and strive for an even deeper love than before. Let us arise and shine and go forth filled with passion and devotion for Christ and show the world, through us, who Jesus really is!