Hello Wonderful Friends,

I am really liking this word a lot...'Intentional' It means 'deliberate'. We grabbed a hold of this word at Life Group and applied it to defining our purpose for meeting together each week. We hit a new level of “connectivity” when we came into agreement regarding the bigger picture and our intended purpose.

God didn't create us to just live day to day, wandering aimlessly without any clear direction or purpose. No! He created us to do specific good works that He prepared in advance for each one of us. He 'INTENDED' our lives to have purpose.

('s more than playing Pokemon.)

It stands to reason we should seek to know our personal “assignment” and begin to intentionally live our lives in a way that accomplishes it.

This is a challenge to live apart from a worldly culture. It is forming personal values from God's word and choosing to live by them. “Living Intentionally” is to be a life a certain way on purpose. It's daily making choices and decisions based on those core values. No longer live to please man and fulfill others demands. It is to maintain a conscious awareness of what pleases God and choosing to do it. (Eph 5:l0).

There is satisfaction and joy in accomplishing a goal. How much greater the joy that comes when you know you're INTENTIONALLY living your life in agreement with God's purpose.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your “assignment” and how to intentionally step into your destiny.

Loving you, praying for you,