True Light...A Tribute

Just after the Lord Jesus Christ came into my life in l973, I was privileged to meet Glen and Ramona

Von Sprecken through my best friend, Irlene.

Glen was born on September 4, l926, in Anamosa, Iowa. He attended school in the Wyoming, Iowa,

area, and was baptized and confirmed in the Zion Lutheran Church in Wyoming. He married Ramona

in l950 in Sabula, Iowa.

Glen and Ramona farmed in Jones County for two years and 27 years in Jackson County. In l979,

they moved to the Maquoketa area where Glen worked in the maintenance department at our local

hospital until he retired. It was just prior to their opening their home based Christian bookstore that

I met Glen and later Ramona.

Glen and Ramona have always been active members of their home church where Glen taught Sunday school and was a lay minister with the Stephen Ministries. He and Ramona were always on the go where Glen held worship services at area nursing homes for many years. I remember Glen and Ramona inviting me to Christian Men and Women's Fellowship meetings in Dewitt, Iowa, where I

learned even more about the Holy Spirit working in men and women's lives and the love of God shared in those meetings. Glen was involved also in the Gideon Association and had served as past President and Treasurer of the Maquoketa/DeWitt chapter. Glen and Ramona had received the Heart of God Recognition Award through First Lutheran Church.

Glen and Ramona, from the first day I met them, talk about spiritual warriors, played a pivotal role in demonstrating to me the true spirit, light, and life of Jesus Christ. From the moment I met them, Glen always had a peace about him. He was always understanding, gentle, and kind; and, they always, always have had a heart for God and wanted to instill God's spiritual values on others. God is a definite No. l in their lives 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they exemplified Christ not only to all Christians but to the lost as well. They always had time to set good examples, listen, help, and teach. Because of my love for these people, I was willing to walk over 2 to 3 miles, one way, whenever they needed me to help in their Christian bookstore. I never gave it a second thought because I had a

chance to be with them. Ramona and I also visited other churches setting up book tables. Our times together were always special. I always waited for that next phone call asking if I would help.

Glen and Ramona always had much to teach and very humble spirits that I relished. Each time we

came together, they had occasion where they would be busy with special anointed speakers coming in to open up and minister to those needing salvation. Talk about letting their light shine daily...these two always made sure not only with their children and grandchildren but their foster children as well the great need of Jesus as each one's Savior in their lives and the need to serve Him well.

Each time I reached their home, Ramona always had the best homemade soup all ready and instructions for me for the afternoon...of course, after their lunch time devotions and Bible reading.

These special friends and I have lost touch through the years, but their influence and kindnesses have been imprinted on my heart forever as, I'm sure, to so many other people in the Maquoketa and surrounding area.

I was very saddened to hear of Glen's passing on August 3l, 2013, at his home in Maquoketa, Iowa. God was gracious to Glen at the time of his passing for Glen was a man of peace as God is a God of peace, a good and faithful servant.

My love for them both has nor will ever change. I have loved them all these years and am thrilled

at the Glory of God as seen through their lives setting good examples and concern for others. So many people only think selfish thoughts...What can God do for me? But, that was never Glen

and Ramona. So many times as we spoke together, their main heart's cry have been always for others. They truly have walked the walk and talked the talk. God's light always has shown bright thru them.

I will miss you, Dear Friend, Glen! And, if Ramona ever needs another by her side, as I know she

has so many that love her, I will be there always and forever for her.

This is my tribute to a pair of wonderful servants of God. Thank you for all you've taught me!