'I Stand at the Door and Knock'

“You pick up things up here and you pick up things there. And, you have replaced Me.”

I said, “But, Lord, I want more of you!” “None of these things mean more to me then you do.”

“I want you to change me.” “I am unworthy to be here.”

“Why am I here?” “What is my purpose in life?” “I get so confused.”

God has wanted to restore your 'innocence' before you allowed any of this worldly junk to come into your life. I want to take you back to the little one who used to love Me (the Lord)with all of your heart. As I remembered, personally, of that time, I felt like I was 7 again. It was like the cares of life just fell off my shoulders. For a time, I felt young and innocent again. Thinking about it, I could see what those words meant. We are weighed down with so many cares of life. It isn't that we are careless. We do what we feel is right. We pay our bills. We go to our jobs. But, it's the other stuff that we care so much about that cloud up our life with the Lord. We would rather spend time with them then Him.

With our permission, God can and will peel off layer by layer like an old smelly onion. One day, He may say, “Today, I am going to take this away.” And, the next day, He would say, “Today, I'm going to take that away!” What He wants to do is remove all the clutter out of your and my life by putting Himself back in the middle helping us back to those days of innocence.

You know. There are a lot of times when we ask the Lord to come in but we have so much stuff and clutter in our lives. And, we think the Lord is going to co-exist with it. But, He comes in the front door and He says, “You know what?” “I don't like how you have decorated here.” “Let's remove that old couch and dirty chair.”

Then, I realized that I had let the Lord into the front part of my house. But, I hadn't let Him into the whole house. And, it is as if the Lord is saying, “If I'm not Lord of your whole house, then, I'm not Lord at all!” And, when you realize what you've been missing, you realize there is so much more of Him that you can have!

Allowing the Lord to have my entire house, my life has never been the same. I am a changed person. And, as you give Him your entire junk in your house, you can be changed in a mighty way too!

Just think...Light where there was only darkness and despair! Someone by your side through every trial of life helping you and leading the way. Peace and joy arising deep inside during times of stress and pain. Strange how that can be. Because, you have come to know that He is in control helping you in all your ways....that He is faithful and He will see you through.

But, trust me...when He arises deep within your heart, life's pain and trials aren't as hard and many drift away; and, as that child, you take hold of his pure white linen garment and hold on tight totally trusting Him, abiding in His Power and His Strength and Presence. Again, just knowing that, it changes your life.

How will your life be different compared to before? You will find your love for the Lord will just explode as He intervenes and comforts you through life. You come to know Him...that He's real and alive...and not just some Words in a Bible but 'The Word' in human/God form who wrote the Bible.

Even though you have become confused at times, now, you will know God as a personal friend who has an intimate relationship with you. Now, you are free to love Him and be able to pour out His love to others. You can talk to Him 24/7. You can bless Him and He can bless you. You can worship Him throughout your day. You can actually 'know' Him. You will have a true and wonderful 'relationship' with Him.

Before you loved God, He was always 'somewhere out there'. Now you will realize you are what you are because of what God has done for you having come to abide right inside your heart instead of feeling He was always so far away.

You know there are a lot of times when you ask the lord to come in but we have had so much stuff in the way. And, when you are in the presence of the Lord, that is why worship or sharing your love with Him is so important. When you are in His presence and as His presence arises in you, you realize that there is so much more of Him available to you then you ever had been taught in church or even realized was possible. From arising and feeling His glory, your life will only grow as you take each step higher. The clutter in your life just won't mean as much as it did before. To lose some things will not be a chore; but through knowing Jesus personally, it just won't mean as much to you as it did before. Because, you have grown into a bigger and brighter world with Him as your friend.

Why do you think the angels in Heaven always are shouting, “Glory!” “Glory!” “Glory!” We think the angels just may say “Glory!” “Glory” “Glory”. When in fact, they are smiling and happy and just shouting at the top of their voices, “Glory!” “Glory!” Glory!” Why is that?

It is because He is always coming forth with more and more awesome, mighty things that we could never have thought possible. And, you will come to see and find your true fulfillment and a real purpose in life as you learn of Him, follow Him, and grow, and mature in and through Him and fulfill your true purpose on this earth as a child of God..

One thing I can say at this point is no matter what sin, what drug, what type of sports or team, what type of mechanical device, whether computer, or iPad, etc., can never come up to the high you will find in Christ Jesus. These God calls idols. They can never give you the life that the Lord can give you and be through you.

So, what am I today? If you crossed out that I am a minister of the gospel, if you crossed off that I am a housewife and mother, if you crossed out everything in my whole house, I am still a 'Child of God'...because He knows me and I have a relationship with Him. I know Him and He knows me.

And, you, too, can know God and live this life. 'This is eternal life...that you might 'know' Him...John l7:3.

And, I believe, if you repent right now of all that dirt and clutter that is in your house, that God will make you clean and you will get your innocence back. Perhaps you have never dedicated your whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ. It just takes one simple prayer and it will be done.

Ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins and of those things that always meant more to you then reaching up to touch the living God and ask Him to come into your heart and dwell with you. Where there was always one (you)...now, He will come into dwell with you in your heart. Now, there will be two forever! Halleluyah! Believe that He died for your sins and that His death on that cross paid the price and now you are set free. Say these words, “Lord Jesus, forgive me. I ask you to come into my heart and home. I want to return to my innocence in life before You. I need you more than anything and I receive you today!” In Jesus' name...Amen.

Now, go and grow and know you have God almighty living within your heart through the Holy Spirit! As you seek Him, new doors will open and you will surely see the hand of God directing your path and life from now on as you yield your life to Him.

'Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.' Revelations 3:20 Amen.