From the Dream Vision of March l8, 2013, I came across this:

l947 Movie...'The Egg and I'...Ma and Pa Kettle
Starring: Claudette Colbert
Fred McMurray
Margorie Main and,
Percy Kilbride

The movie tells the story of a young married couple who become chicken farmers. Betty has been raised to follow her husband's dreams with him and Bob's dream is to be a successful chicken farmer.

The problem is their home is very old and needs to be repaired and the baby chicks need constant care...when a rich, single woman with a new house and new farm equipment flirts with Bob. Betty questions their decision to move to the farm in the lst place. Ultimately, there is a fire which destroys all of the farm except for the house.

After such devastation and all seems lost for the young couple, they hear the rumbling of cars and horse drawn carriages and wagons coming down the road along with the town's sheriff. They surround the farm house and the sheriff stands with a list of town's folk and makes a statement that he would go down the list of names and each family would offer something to help the burned out young couple.

Growing up in the country, I often saw farmers pitching in the help others in need to get in their crops, come together and help in anyway to lift the burden of their neighbors.

The Lord commands us to 'bear one another's burdens'. He didn't say, "Oh, just pray for them."

We have lost our lst love. We have become a nation who only looks out for number # l unless it is someone close to our clique so to speak.
What's happened to us? What's happened to our understanding of scriptures? Do we just go and hear but don't live what we hear? Have we forgotten what love one another really means?

The greatest burden of my heart is the saying..."My God is a God of restoration...not alienation."

The Lord says...'Love Is The Key'. Not the coldness of the human heart but the 'burning fire of His love' shining through His people.

Do you have that fire that restores? Or, would you leave this family to bear their own burdens? What's truly been hiding in our those who claim to represent the Lord God of Israel?

Note: This movie was released in l947...66 years from the year 20l3. What's happened to our people?

Psalms l33 states...How good and how pleasant that my people dwell together in 'unity'.

We have become the 'self' generation who generally forget the hurts of others. We want salvation and what we can get from God but far too often turn a blinds eyes to the needs of others. We take pride in our own salvation but fail to care that others are set free in their pains of life.

And, we wonder why the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacobs is crying out to the church..."Wake Up...Return to Your lst Love!" ...and calls of repentance, restitution, restoration, purity of heart, justice, and a practical walk of holiness to correspond with an open confession of sins.

Those who intercede weep and cry out to God for eyes to be opened, ears that hear, and hearts that will respond and walk in the light of God's love.

Like Elijah, we cry out...'Are their any righteous left in the land'? God says that there are. We need to find one another, unite, and go forth in these last days showing God's Israel...first to our own people bringing restoration to our sickly churches and then set them on fire to go out among the lost and bring in the harvest. May God Bless Us All..In the Name of Jesus...Amen. Scriptures: King James Version