Wilderness Saints

Recently, it was really a surprise to hear an interview with a gentleman by the name of Hubie Synn.

Hubie Synn was by trade a CPA...Certified Public Accountant but is better known as 'The Wilderness Prophet' and/or 'The Wondering Prophet' after his own experiences with the Lord.

As I was listening to this man's witness, it brought me back to other wilderness saints that I have had the privilege to talk to through the years to try to listen to, help, and heal. One in particular stood out, but it seemed that every one of these people spoke the same message why they were no longer in a religious organization.

Mr. Synn spoke of other Christian friends not understanding certain areas of God's plan for his life. Most religious institutions stick to the scripture which says...'Let us not neglect coming together with 'like' believers and even so more as the days get closer.'

Why then have these dear saints felt it necessary to leave their home churches? Well, along with what people may see on the upside of the church; unfortunately, there is a down side as well and, sadly, the world has been watching. Unfortunately, the church has forgotten that we are to show the 'love of God' to all mankind. Many have suffered the mocking, ridicule, the tearing down, and harsh judgmentalisms found behind the scenes in many churches today. Thus, there came a day when the Lord intervened and called them out, showing His mercy to these downtrodden, Spirit-filled saints and called them to come out to fulfill His true plan that He had given to them. Just like the Joseph company in this world today, the Word declares 'All things work for good for those who are called to His purpose.'

Time after time after time, at first, in their conversation, they would share how they have found themselves in this situation, shared their sufferings and hurt emotions but surprisingly, with a broken heart of love and forgiveness for those who had hurt them. They felt the Lord's leading that it was time for the hurt to stop and healing and restoration to begin. And, in their own way, they went on to express the same heart through each part of each one's testimony, whether from the Eastern US or Southern US., or Western US, or here at home, one and then the another came and shared a unified heart even through their deep sufferings and misunderstandings that they had to endure in their lives.

Here are basically what they all mentioned in our times together either in person or over the phone.

“We are very concerned about everybody. We are concerned that the churches throughout the world turn away from 'HATE' and begin to 'LOVE' the world and start to truly 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER' as Christ loved and gave Himself for all mankind! We wish they would have come to us so we could be able to share our faith with them and what the Lord has taught us. But, no one ever came unless to malign us further. Most expressed themselves behind the scenes and behind backs but it always found its way back to that person spoken about.”

But, we are sensing a great revival of the 'Love of God' through the Holy Spirit coming and is, right now, beginning to manifest in whole churches and lives. The church is very good; but, it can also give you a lot of rough things to deal with. Many try to 'live normal lives' after they got burned from others in their local church. I have also met many people, again, who had had to deal w/ harsh judgmentalism and comments spoken from fellow believers.

It has been revealed to this Ministry that God has called out not just a few but a multitude of born-again men and women of God who are going through some of the most heart-wrenching trials and tribulations. And, the world watches and the world sees.

And, many of the unsaved stay away due to the hypocrisy they have seen through some who call themselves part of 'The Church of Jesus Christ' but continue to dwell in gossip and put-downs, and the very things that are abhorrent to God as seen in the scriptures. People see our true witness through our actions, words, and deeds. This is a very simple fact.

However, 'Things are always the darkest before the dawn.' And, our blessed Lord and Savior is making every effort to bring restoration into the lives of His people, both in and without the church. A deep repentance is required by those lost in bitterness, fighting, slander, gossip, and misunderstanding.

These children of God finally were called into the loving arms of Christ and each one has been given freedom to be all that the Lord has called them to be...like Mr. Synn. These have become His Wilderness ministers/prophets of the Gospel showing God's love of agape flowing out of their hearts to others through their God-given gifts and continually praying for restoration of all things.

So much is not all wonderful within the boundaries of man-made beliefs and religious practice in today's world. If you don't particularly agree with that statement about religion, just remember this...

'Religion Killed Jesus!'

Church...we'd better stop judging before we will likewise be judged. Remember, Jesus went to the cross to show us His Love that we may be filled with 'His' very character and not that of this present age of hate and sin.

Matthew 6:l5 says, 'But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. NKJV

Many of us are educated but we don't understand that simple admonition from the Lord.

Prophets today are called crazy and not ordinary people. Many other people who flow in other gifts of the Spirit also are included and not accepted by certain denominations.

Please consider these words and then pray about the condition of your own heart: And, for those who have suffered for the Name of Christ, may you find strength and hope through these words and may they bring much needed encouragement and healing to your souls. You are not alone. God is a God of Hope, Healing, and Restoration. Amen? Amen.

“The Word does offer Hope. It says there is a 'light' at the end of the tunnel. It says that if people are being driven out of denominational churches, that born again believers might be reassembling like they did in the Book of Acts. They are becoming more intimate, caring more for one another and others, good things are coming out of the trials, hurt, and pain. Franklin Graham, for example, is calling for a 'New Great Awakening'. It very well could be that the persecution and pressure that is being put on the church right now will cause true believers to come back to 'true repentance', to their lives exemplify the Bible and God through our hearts to others. Out of that, a 'Fire' could 'awaken' a whole new generation and that is what is going to end with the 'One New Man' and the Lord coming for His true and faithful Bride.'

It has been said that 'We may be the only Bible that the lost world ever reads.' What has your Bible been saying and showing to your family and the lost in your world...Christ or just more darkness? It is a hard question but a much needed one for the sake of the Gospel.

God wants to heal and restore the church, your church, my church.

Proverbs 6:l6 states, 'These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an 'abomination' unto Him..:

Proverbs 6:l9...'and he that soweth discord among brethren.' KJV It's time to restore the church. It's time to stop judging and causing discord and start restoring. Time is running out and it is time to 'Watch, Repent, Prepare, and Be Ready', to be clothed truly in the true agape love of our Lord for not only one another but for a lost and hurting world, not only right within your congregation, your home, but right outside your front door. All begins with repentance and a change of heart, to turn around, become intimate with God on a daily basis, and truly walk with Christ as our example, dying to self, allowing Christ to live through us in all that He came to reveal through us.

One more thing...Think about the scripture I Chronicles 7:l4...'If My people who are called by My Name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'

We have an ultimate choice being now in the End Times of which the Lord is right at the door. We either enter into repentance and the 'Fire of the Holy Spirit' where there is safety or enter into the judgment of the unrighteous. These judgments will either lead us into purity through Christ's Fire or we will enter the Judgment of Fire, both right at the door. Time is running out! Judgment for our sin is coming very soon. Are you ready to humble yourself, seek His face, and repent fully for any we have hurt, not truly loved, maligned, judged falsely, or misunderstood? It is time we all examine our hearts and be healed as a Body.

May the Lord Be With Us As We Come Out From Among and Be Ye Holy.

(Hallelujah) ...in the Name of Our Lord and by His Precious Blood. (Amen)