Miracle of the Hurricane (Miracle)

Around the late l970's or l980's, the churches in our communities had been sending many teams down into Haiti and the Dominican Republic on mission trips.

It was a habit of my friend, Irlene, and I to take walks on a street that went up around a hill that looks over our town. We had talked many times as we walked on that hill about God's miraculous power and really enjoyed those times together. And, this was a place where we'd seen the miraculous before.

It was at the time of Hurricane George, I believe, in l988, that I'd heard that two Christian families had gone down into Haiti and heard that their team had traveled down to the Dominican Republic along the coast. I really didn't think much of it at the time.

On a early morning, a few days later, I was cleaning our home and had turned on the Weather Channel. Jim Cantorie was on and was reporting that a hurricane had moved into the waters off the coast of the Dominican Republic and was converging into where my friends were currently ministering to others.

They had no idea, no one did. But, as I love these friends very, very much, something arose in me.

And, I said, “No!”

Out the door I went and started the l5 to 20 minute walk up to our special hill to pray.

No one was up there at the time as the area was mainly pasture land and corn fields even though zoned as an industrial area.

I knew the scripture that Jesus said, 'Greater works shall you do because I go to the Father'.

So, I stood there looking toward the southwest and interceded on their behalf.

“In the Name of Jesus, Hurricane George, I command you to stop and take a direct turn to the North. You will not go into the Dominican Republic and hurt my friends.”

The prayer was completed and a wonderful peace filled my soul. I had no doubt that God had heard my prayer and had acted on their behalf.

On returning home, I just had walked into the house, the television still on...when Jim Cantorie said out of the blue. “This folks is unheard of weather in the history of hurricanes. This hurricane which was just heading for a direct hit into the Dominican Republic within the last twenty minutes just stopped and took a direct turn to the North.”

I believe with all my being that the mighty Hand of God moved and saved my friends that day. They never knew of that special prayer. But, it was pure joy when I'd heard that they had returned safely.

To a loving, merciful God be all the glory! He showed compassion in time of need.

The Lord in the last days will show many signs and wonders. These won't necessarily have to come through big named preachers nor evangelists but through the everyday, common people who just are willing to rise up, who are willing to climb the hill of faith, and believe God for great things.

Will you be ready to rise up and just take that step of faith and believe God for great things for the sake of your friends and family?

As we are now living in the Last Days as spoken in scripture, the Lord is looking for a people who will do just that. We were put on this earth for such a time as this. Have faith. Go with God. Amen?