Word of Knowledge April 23, 20l5


“Indeed, in times past, I have revealed through My Word and to others that My True Church would become clean and rise above the heavens. So, it has come to pass as My Spirit has been made free to dwell within them. They have died to self and now live through Me. They have suffered much, faced ridicule, and even death for My Name Sake and have not bowed to strange gods and lying tongues. They, indeed, have died daily, kept the faith through many afflictions, and have been found worthy.

It saddens my heart how, even now, some of My children have been deceived and have turned to the doctrine of demons. Even now, some have forsaken me and turned to another gospel...abandoned me as other of My Children have even turned, even now, to follow ISIS. Oh, how my heart grieves over such as these.

My heart cries out to all who will...'AWAKEN'...Come into that deeper dimension. Let your roots grow deeper into who I AM! Do not listen to the doctrine of demons any longer. I am Love Incarnate. I dwell in the hearts of those who truly love me for they have felt My Love for them and have responded with all of their hearts to love another.

Time is shorter than you think for I AM right at the door ready to receive My Glorious Bride. Harsh times are about to unfold. Tribulation is about to begin. I have given you warning.

Therefore, come out from among and be ye holy, lift up your cross, and follow Me now with your whole heart. Leave all falsehoods behind. Leave all idols behind and only follow Me. These are the things of this present age. Wake up to who I really am! I am not found in hatreds or bitterness. I Am not in the doctrines of the New Age or Chrislam. I Am not found in the love of money or personal gain. These are the things of this present age, here now and only getting worse. But, I Am humble at heart, found in serving others, caring for others, lifting up others, in having a listening heart. Mine is a 'love walk' and so shall yours be...even that not of yourselves but by My Spirit dwelling in you saith the Lord of true love and grace.

Again, I cry! Climb up to Me. Seek Me with all of your heart, pick up your cross with all of your heart, and follow Me.

I Am right at the door. It is one second to midnight. Will I find your oil lamps full of My Spirit oil

or will you be found wanting?

I have given you many signs both in the Heavens and on Earth. I have not left you in the darkness as to what I Am doing. Even in Heaven, the angels are preparing for My Bride's soon arrival. Rise up, therefore, and Awaken quickly!

My heart glories in My Bride. She will come adorned in My Glory. It won't be long now. The time is very short.

To all who will, I say, “Come...Now!” “ Repent, therefore, and make yourselves ready for the coming of the Lord!”..for it is for You that I have so long awaited!


Revelation 22:l7...And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.






I pray all is well with you...