The Joseph Company

Part 3

3. The Day Came When It All Made Sense to Joseph! God Brought Everything Together – And Every Word and Promise Was Fulfilled to The Letter!

I believe it happened during Joseph's darkest hour – when he was lonely, downcast, about to give up his dreams, questioning his place in God. Suddenly, the call came from one of the king's guards: “Joseph! Get cleaned up – Pharaoh is calling for you!”

In that moment, the Spirit of God must have come upon Joseph mightily. I believe his heart leapt – an excitement grew within him: he was about to understand what it was all about!

As Joseph shaved and trimmed his hair, he probably thought, “This is the beginning of what God promised me. Now I know I heard from Him! The devil was not in control – my life hasn't been wasted. God has been directing everything the entire time!”

In a matter of minutes, Joseph was standing before Pharoah, listening to his dream. He gave the interpretation of the coming famine and told Pharoah he had to gather and store the nation's grain: Someone must be in charge of the storehouses. You have to find a man who's full of wisdom to oversee it all!” (see Genesis 4l).

Pharoah looked around – and then he turned to Joseph: “You, Joseph! I appoint you second ruler. Only I will have more power in the kingdom than you. You will oversee it all!

How quickly things had changed! Within an hour, Joseph had gone from being a forsaken, unknown prisoner to the second most powerful man in Egypt. As he rode a royal chariot through the streets, the people were bowing before him – and suddenly he realized, his dream was being lived out!

I can just see Joseph riding along in deep but joyful contemplation. He must have relived every hard time of the past twenty years. He thought of all the trials and tests – of his brothers' rejection, and of being sold by them into slavery.

But now a joy came into his heart – because everything was coming together! He said, “Now I can see it! A famine is coming – and God is wanting to save my father and my brothers. He sent me ahead of them. This was His plan all along!

The day came when Joseph stood before his brothers and was able to say: “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive' (Genesis 50:20).

“God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt” (45:7-8).

Joseph was saying, “God was behind this, every step of the way! Every hardship the devil brought upon me – even the harm you meant to do to me –God turned to good and made a part of His eternal plan!”

Dear saint, if you are a part of this Joseph Company very soon you're going to understand your present fiery trials. God is going to bring you into the promise He gave you – and suddenly it's all going to make sense. You'll see that He has never forsaken you. He had to take you this way – for He has been training you, preparing you, teaching you to trust Him for everything. He has planned a time for you to be used – and that time is just ahead!

The Last-Day Evangelists Will Not Be Primarily in Pulpits: They Will Be in the Congregation – Avoiding Attention, But Mightily Used!

A time is coming soon when there will be a spiritual famine such as the world has never seen. People are going to be starving spiritually on all sides. Yet the broken and famine-stricken will be taken one by one and told, “Come with me – I know someone full of Jesus. They've been tested, they've been through the fire, and they're full of the Holy Spirit. They will have a true word of deliverance for you!”

Beloved, already I see this happening! I know a number of the Joseph Company by name, because I've talked to them. They are able to give out the Bread of Life to the starving – because they have the keys to God's storehouse! They know the ways of the Lord , because they have come through their tests and trials with a grip on God. Something powerful is being revealed to them – and that is a heart fully persuaded that God answers prayer!

How are you responding to God's mysterious dealing with you? Are you fully persuaded that God is at work in all things, fulfilling His promises to you? Can you say, “It's enough right now that I know Jesus is with me – and He's prospering my spirit”?

Hold on in faith! Don't be afraid – because you are in Christ's school. Everything is under His control. Suddenly the hour will come when your battle will end and your victory will be made real.

You'll come out of the fire a vessel of honor – to do His will as part of the Joseph Company!

David Wilkerson