The Word Offers Hope

The Lord confirms His Word and does, indeed, offer Hope through His Word. For the past 43 years,

the Lord has placed not only a vision but a destiny into one of His servants. Most have said, “Amen!”, to everything written in our website and message. Even though there have been few negative comments, we still believed in our mission. Below, out of the blue, this small quote confirmed all 43 years of walking with the Lord. The Lord God, Jehovah (Yahweh) and His son, Jesus (Yeshua) always confirms His Word. We thank the Lord that He confirmed our mission through one power packed paragraph spoken out of the blue at the very end of one Christian program while just changing channels.

“The Word does offer Hope. It says there is a 'Light' at the end of the tunnel. It says that if people are being driven out of denominational churches that born again believers might be

reassembling like they did in the Book of Acts. They are becoming more intimate, caring more for one another, good things could come out of it. Like Franklin Graham, right now, is calling also for a 'New Great Awakening', it very well could be that the persecution and pressure that is being put on the church right now will cause true believers to come back to 'true repentance', to begin preaching the Gospel based on the Word once again. Out of that, a 'Fire' could awaken a whole new generation and that is what is going to end with the Lord coming for His true and faithful Bride.”

Quote...September 22, 20l4

Christian T.V.