God Heals Distemper

There are many opinions and judgmentalisms in the world concerning God's concern for all His creation. There are some who like dogs. There are some that love cats. There are some that love horses and so on. And, there are many who live comfortably without any pet at all.

As we had moved from the city into the country, it seemed that we soon inherited a multitude of

family cats. All of them being raised in the city were not used to the cold weather of the country.

It was soon after their exposure to the cold that everyone of them came down with distemper.

There was no doubt in our mind that from knowledge of veterinary medicine that most cats die after contracting distemper.

As these were our animals and all close to our hearts, I turned to the Lord for His help as I knew

that on my own there was nothing I could do. Being sick at heart was an understatement.

So, I called Oral Robert's Prayer Team and we agreed in prayer that the Lord would miraculously

come down and heal them all which would, indeed, be a mighty miracle knowing the dire situation.

As I held the sickest in my arms feeling that he could very well be dead by morning, we fell asleep.

The next morning, I was awaken to, “Wake Up...Wake Up!” “You'll never guess what?”

Still sick at heart, I answered, “What?”

Mickey, the sickest of the animals had miraculously recovered and had just finished eating four plates of food. Not only was he totally healed but the distemper had left each and every other animal.

It was as if nothing had ever happened. This all, indeed, was a mighty miracle from the Lord.

It was with great joy that I called Oral Robert's Prayer Team to report how God had heard our prayers and deep groaning, tears, and despair, come down, and healed each and everyone of our animals over-night.

Praise His Holy and Wonderful Name! The Lord cares for all of His creation and the cries of His children.

Yes...the Lord cares about every aspect of our lives right down to the creatures that He's given us to care for. Amen.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou wilt be saved...both ye and your household. This scripture came to mean so much more to our family after He showing us His mercy in this matter.