'Going Deeper in Christ'

For many years, the Lord has been burdened that the Body of Christ needs to repent of our worldly sinful ways, search our hearts, and return to God, to dive into deeper and deeper waters of the love of the Spirit, having the faith to grow onto maturity as the scripture admonishes...(see Ephesians 4). Many have been just straddling the fence , living as the world lives and not pursuing more of Christ.

Many homes have Bibles; but, few read the Word daily if at all. The Bible has been put out on our coffee tables as a minor statement that 'Our family believes in Jesus'. Yes, many of us believe in Jesus! But, did you know the devil also believes in Jesus? Satan also appears to know the Word of God

in as much as to twist it to His own advantages...such as in the temptation of Jesus in the desert.

As with most pastors and ministers, messages come only through much time and prayer, listening, and meditating on the Word of God. I fully, at this time in my experience, feel the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding us to a mighty outcome...that all who write for this ministry agree on our goals. The Lord is preparing for Himself a Glorious Bride/Church to shew forth His glory on the earth especially during these dark Last Days and how he can work through ordinary people in extraordinary ways... that He is calling us in both 'unity' and 'maturity' through covenant and faith within the Body of Christ.

We have seen the website morph as others within the Body from all over America are uniting with us to speak the message of Watch, Repent, Prepare, and Be Ready for the very soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are so excited as God's people are coming into the unity of the faith. And, we feel God's work through 'unity' is only going to grow and produce much fruit in the coming days.

Let us look into scripture in Romans l0:l4-l7...'How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring good news of good things! … But, they 'have not obeyed' the gospel. For Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed our report?” So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.' ...MEV

'Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”...Luke l8:8b. ...MEV.

I personally was raised in either a Presbyterian Church as a youth or mainly became a member of the

First Baptist Church in Maquoketa, Iowa, around the year l972. We rarely spoke of the power of God only in limited dimensions as many churches do as well. Through time, history has drowned out much of any proof as to what the Bible clearly states.

Like most of us, we either decided not to go into a church building or to go, to believe or not to believe, to live in the 'darkness of unbelief' or the 'light of belief'. Many in my own family refused to go to church except for fund-raiser dinners. In later years, I made the decision at l0 years of age to walk to the Baptist Church alone. It was my own decision that at such a young age that I seemed drawn to start leaning toward that all important personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ by attending church each and every Sunday.

I joined the church and came into the bounds of 'religion'. In time religion with its barriers and

fences was increased by a deeper dimension in Christ and Christ alone...a life of freedom in Christ became living and real, experiencing the very depths of His love, always wondering what grace He would reveal next, never work, just doors opening into the very wonders of God. And, o'yes...He wanted 'even me' and actually wanted me to experience as much of Him as my faith would allow...for the scriptures state that all will receive a measure of faith from the Lord.

Years have passed. The years have come and gone. But, as the years passed, I was lead by the Holy Spirit day by day, hour by hour...not one thing that I did through the day was not important to Him, even and especially through day upon day of suffering and need. He has never left my side. He has, indeed, become the truest of friends.

It's so sad that so many 'Christians' feel that we only go to God for the 'big stuff'...that He doesn't care about the 'small stuff'. Throughout this website, I have only shared what I feel the Lord has shared with me. Many may question certain parts.'What.. Miracles today?' Come On! What? God cares and has wanted me to know that He loves 'even me'? And, He wants 'you' to know that He loves 'even you' too!

But, where has that left us as we examine our hearts? Left wanting or our lives confirmed, mature, and ever growing? Each one of us has to 'Choose this day whom we shall serve!'...darkness or light.

In my personal experience with the Lord, He is a gentleman. He always gives us the right to choose.

Each denomination has their man-made traditions, rules, and beliefs. Many have no idea about the historical truth, the deeper meanings of individual words of scripture...deeper things! We are content just to listen to those in church authority and leave the study up to them. How sad...when so much of God can be ours right 'now'!

I can only choose for myself and you, yourselves.

I want to share one decision made not one month ago while traveling from our home west of Maquoketa, Iowa, to Fairfield and Mount Pleasant, Iowa, for the ministry.

As we traveled, I was taking time as I often do to have a conversation with the Lord. I can only testify to what happened. It was while looking out over the countryside that the Lord asked me a most unusual question...”If you were standing out in that pasture with a friend and two cougars/mountain lions came out from that ditch, could you stop their attack by speaking by 'My Authority'?

That was a most unusual question. And, to be honest, as a Baptist I, likewise, just thought it most unusual. Why would the Lord ask me such a thing? But, my answer just came back, 'Why, yes, I do believe with you in my heart that I could!”

Faith...that would take absolute 'faith' in what Christ in me could do. I chose to tell Him, “Yes...I would believe with You by my side that even wild animals would obey your command through me.”

So, we continued the trip; but, I pondered what had happened and that most unusual moment. I fully believe that the Lord will confirm His word through either the Word, through others, or through circumstances, etc.

Our time away passed and we had returned home. And, the confirmation came. 'As a Roaring Lion' just bounced off a page in a Christian book that I just happened to pick up. Another testimony was written about two ferocious, roaring lions running after the author and a his friend in a dream vision. He simply spoke,* “I resist you in the Name of Jesus. In Jesus' name, you cannot hurt me.” The animals reached him, calmed down, never touched him, and simply left. The authority of the living God had won the victory. And the dream caused major growth in his life of faith.

I Peter 5:8-9 says, 'Be sober, and watchful; because your adversary the devil walks around as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the (what?) faith...'

Ephesians 6:l0 says, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.”MEV

Many people read that verse and think the Lord is telling them to be strong in themselves...by their own strength and effort. But, the scripture doesn't say a word about being strong in yourself. It says to be strong in the Lord.*

Right now, at my personal point in my faith, I believe the Lord is asking me if I would like to go deeper with Him guiding the way.

The time is so short and there is so much work to be done. 'The harvest is great but the laborers are few.' You can't detach mighty armies and warriors of the Gospel without opening up their eyes to the 'full armor of God' and in the knowledge in the demons and principalities that they will be fighting against....All they have to decide is to put the armor on and begin to move with their Head to find victory .

It was told by a past satanic warlock that the dark side, the demons and principalities, laugh at certain Christians because they don't have the 'Fire of God's protection surrounding them'...their full armor of God. Their faith is weak and they are easily deceived. And, they lack knowledge of how even to speak God's own Word that would send their enemies to flight.

I have decided not to give those 'roaring lions' the chance. 'Going Deeper' has become my goal. I want the full armor of God as taught through the scriptures. Where many will not believe, I have decided to follow Jesus fully by faith. I will follow Him even if I have to follow Him alone just as I did as a child. The Word of God will never fail us...only our lack of faith.

Word from the Lord

'The Holy Spirit says, “Power on earth invested in the name of Jesus Christ and obtained by Him through His overcoming the enemy belongeth to the Church. 'Therefore', exercise that authority; for it belongs to 'you' on the earth, and in this life ye shall reign by Christ Jesus.”

Let's take one final look at another scripture...'And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, ALL POWER (in Greek..'ALL AUTHORITY')...is given unto me in heaven and in earth.'

When Christ ascended, He transferred His authority to the church. Christ is the Head of the Church and believers make up the Body. Christ's authority has to be perpetuated throughout His Body which is on the earth. Throughout the Book of Ephesians and elsewhere in the epistles, Paul uses the human body as an illustration of the Body of Christ.

Through this website, we hope to challenge not only you to 'Go Deeper in Christ' but challenge even myself to believe that 'With God, All Things Are Possible!'...Mark l0:27. All we have to do is 'Just Believe'...both 'you' and 'I'.

It's time that 'We Grow Up in Christ'. We are challenged to get into the Word and 'Think for Ourselves'...to discover things like the 'One New Man' as written in the very Word of God. We will be examining these topics in the time to come.

We only hope that it blesses your heart and your life is changed after reading each new message.

We, as always, will back up all teachings by the Word of God. May we all decide to go deeper in God.


Scriptures come from the 'Modern English Version'

*Dream Vision and few quotes by Kenneth E. Hagin, 'The Believer's Authority'