Dear Wonderful Friends,

Welcome to 2016!

Hopefully you left the harassment and obstacles of 2015 behind and have stepped into the New Year with great expectations!

Prayer is never wasted or not heard. God has not forgotten you! No matter how long you have been hoping, praying, and contending for certain things, believe with me now to see them become a reality!

I had a vision of a long and wide corridor with closed doors on both sides. Suddenly the Lord appeared at the far end! He rose up, so great and mighty. He almost filled the entire space.

He moved quickly and deliberately, kicking each and every door wide open! Locked doors could not withstand the force of His kick.

All that had been locked up, held captive, despaired of, or forgotten...hopes, dreams, even people, came forth. There was great excitement and shouts of joy!

I saw the word “Destiny”. God has purpose in releasing these past things specifically into this year...they are a key to your future! Ask Him about it!

Then I looked, and, oh! - a door open into Heaven.

The trumpet-voice, the first voice in my vision, called out, “Ascend and enter.

I'll show you what happens next.” Rev. 4:l

Loving you, praying for you,

By Permission

Date: Saturday, January 9, 20l6 7:09AM

*With the New Year, we would like to thank Pastor BB Rail for her continued wonderful messages to help and encourage us as the time of Christ's return draws ever nearer.