Proof of Tongues and Interpretation

Early mornings has been the time when I am most awake seeking to meet with the

Lord. As usual, He comes and fellowships with me and I with Him. Most often, this 'Quiet Time'

is spent just being in His presence, feeling His love, praising Him, reading His Word, and asking Him what is on His Heart.

Isaiah 43:26 says, 'Put me in remembrance'. This morning, it didn't appear I was putting Him in

remembrance but He me.

“Don't close your mind but open your heart!” were the words that came into my spirit.

All too often, people close their minds to the truth of God's Word and don't listen to the Holy Spirit that calls out for faith amongst His people.

How can this be? By our doubts and unbelief...

Growing up either in a Presbyterian Church or more so, a Baptist Church, we spoke and listened to the Word. We prided ourselves in how diligently we know the Word. But, how much of that Word have we, deep within our hearts, believed?

One example is the church receiving 'Words of Knowledge' through, of all things, tongues and interpretation of tongues. We were always taught that was another dispensation and just to ignore it.

That we don't allow that here. It always was something to fear and so taboo.

As a keeper of journals for many years, I always liked to take notes of sermons. It was while visiting an Assembly of God Church in Dubuque, Iowa, that, pen in hand, I was oh so ready to record that night's sermon.

When, much to my dismay, someone in the congregation started speaking in tongues. It just came to me to write what I'd heard deep inside and write I did. I heard words flowing out like a fountain.

The pastor kept calling for the interpretation and I knew something had happened deep inside that I'd just written. But, as a staunch Baptist, well, we just didn't do such a thing especially 'in church'.

So, he prayed for the interpretation. And, much to my surprise, even through a hard-hearted Baptist, the Spirit did give the interpretation. The pastor ended having to seek God for the interpretation and ended up repeating word for word what I had written on my paper except for one line and he even said he felt his interpretation was not complete.

That day, this Baptist saw proof that this phenomenon does exist, that perhaps the church had been too closed minded that God's gifts still do exist today. Oh, and by the way, I felt so convicted that after church, I went to the pastor and apologized and gave him the last line of the interpretation. This Baptist had just gone on to a deeper understanding and dimension in Christ.

When it happens to you, you tend to come out of your doubt and unbelief and say, “My Lord and My God!”

Open up your hearts today...Jesus hasn't changed. He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

Could it be that the church has closed their hearts to the very Spirit of God working within our midst for much too long?

This Baptist found out that He's still there working in hearts who will just yield to the Holy Spirit within.

I invite you today to consider my testimony and open up your hearts today to all that God offers.

Awaken, Church...Let Jesus come and be the Head. Step out of the box. Jesus wants you to know He's there.

Remember this...To Jesus, the supernatural, wonder working power of God, is the natural...for every 'Believe'-r..(believer).