June 6, 20l2 8:32 A.M. COME UP HITHER

I had just finished my morning chores and went right into my Quiet Time, spending my time in worship and playing any form of music that would praise the Lord, when suddenly in my spirit, I saw this golden ladder going from the ground all the way up into the heavens. The Lord stood high on top as if calling from Heaven. Each rung of the ladder became different levels of faith and glory.

The Lord spoke, “Come Up Hither!” “Come on up...dare to climb higher and feel My glory as you climb, climb even higher, look up at Me, climb up to Me.”

All of a sudden, I saw one church cluster on one rung of the ladder. Still another cluster on other levels of the ladder. I wondered if these were particular denominations or what...each with their level of faith. Some were satisfied where they were...all comfy, cozy. These would not move or had gotten so used to their traditional routine that they refused to even be willing to look up or appeared not to hear the Lord's call, much less open their eyes and awaken, and be willing to move up the ladder at His call.

But, there were ones searching for more, dissatisfied, yearning in their hearts for more of God. These held no hesitation and began to climb. As they climbed, with each new step, God's glory began to fill their souls in a way never thought possible. And, with each new step, a passion grew deeper and deeper and a deeper love for the Lord God filled their soul.

A Holy Remnant was listening, looking up, and heard the call, and were surprised with each new dimension in Christ as they rose higher and higher. They had this yearning in their hearts. They had been listening, looking up, thinking outside the box, and heard the call. “We are tired of just sitting here.” “ We will obey God's call and be willing to come up and take our place by His side in these final hours of church history.”

We will obey God's call and be willing to take whatever steps needed, seek more of God's presence in our lives no matter what the cost. As they climbed, as the glory grew with each new step, joy filled their hearts. Demonic entities had to leave as Christ's glory filled their souls and they became clean.

As the Word declares, 'Choose this day whom you will serve.'...Joshua 24:l5.

These people started walking in Christ character upon the earth. They were not affected by the traditions of men, given wholly over to their Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. These people forsook their sins, repented, and became clean, and began to walk in the very holiness and love of God. Love was their banner. They had been willing to come out of their comfort zones. People saw this and ran to them wanting what they had found. These people began to walk in the very light of Christ's character showing the world the very Lord in which they serve. People came and God moved through these people of faith as they went upon the earth.

Then, I saw demonic powers all around the earth filling the earth while others just sat. Economically, politically, in education, in all facets, evil principalities had stepped into our mandate, our place. We wonder why good is evil and evil has become good. Yet, 'Greater is He that is in us then He who is in the world.' One by one, we will begin to fill the gaps and fight the good fight of faith and truly become repairers of the breach.

To those who are seeking more, we must return to our total devotion to Christ, forgive, stop judging, and learn that 'love is the key', moving into Christ as our Head, begin to study to show thyself approved. Serve God right where He has planted you. Start moving in the glory you have found and others will come to your light.

Time is short and we must choose now.

My prayer is that as the Body of Christ,, we will step out of our boxes we've built to keep Christ out

and finally let Him in. One by one...it starts with us...you and me. Each one must choose or go back into their

comfort and complacency or answer the Lord's call.

He is calling His church 'AWAKEN'.

The Lord is calling, “COME UP HITHER”! Who will answer and who will turn away?