Is the Church Prepared?

Are you ready to take the next step to a greater glory in Jesus Christ? Are you ready to seek the Lord in a more sincere way, in a deeper way, and a more consecrated way?

In James 4:8, the Bible says if we draw close to God that He will draw close to us.

The Lord says, 'As you praise Me more and more, I will shine a light on your path and illuminate your way onto the perfect day.'

The more we take time to praise Him and pray without ceasing, the more His Spirit will come and fill us and make Himself known to us in ways we never thought possible. Right now, we have our minds more on earthly things, work, money, ministry, football games, computers. The list could go on and on. But, Jesus is right at the door. He is coming sooner than even we expect. He is about to show His eternal power upon the face of the earth both through His people in ways we never thought possible and finally by pouring out His wrath upon those that have denied His Name.

Let's talk one moment about the end times...Right now through news broadcasts, weather reports, through everyday experiences, we can see that everything is topsy turvy, that right has become wrong and wrong has become right. We know that the church has been given authority upon the earth but few have ever known how to activate it or even have believed the Word that it is even possible today.

Right now, the Lord is purging the church, purifying our innermost hearts, melting off the dross and preparing us for Christ's soon return as His Bride made ready. The Spirit within has shown most of us that truth. He is now giving us the opportunity to experience the greatest things that are coming...the very outpouring of the Spirit of God upon mankind that will bring in that great harvest of souls just before His return.

For reference sake...One of 'tribulation's' meanings is 'pressure'. 'To purge' means to cleanse or purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure. To clear of guilt, or moral or ceremonial defilement...for example the old traditions of men instead of the constant true Word of God. And, 'to purify' means to clear from defilement, to make or become pure, to free from guilt or moral blemish.

We know that judgments are coming upon the earth, too, as verified through the Book of Revelations and through the prophets. We can see and feel God's purging right now in our own lives through the sufferings that God has allowed. For scripture declares, 'Judgment begins in the House of the Lord'.

Right now, the church must prepare to become stronger and understand the importance of being ready and so prepare ourselves for the Lord's soon return. And, if you think about it, as the church is right now, it is not ready for what is about to take place upon the earth. We must get back to studying the end time teachings of the Bible and rethinking the Parable of the Ten Virgins and stop withholding them from our congregations as unnecessary and unimportant or out of fear what our people may think. It is of my opinion that we are doing the Lord a great injustice by withholding His anointed teachings at this time in church history especially now that the Lord's coming is so near for He wishes that none perish but all come to repentance.

We must begin to understand the signs and seasons so that we can live in an urgent way. If we have this life of urgency, our hearts will be given entirely over to the Lord. A greater love, fire, and passion will arise as we humble ourselves and pray and seek to take our place beside the Lord and His wishes in these final hours of church history. I feel that we will come to understand the need for that greater surrender as we understand the season and times we are living in. Words like 'Just Believe' will bare a deeper meaning as we start thinking for ourselves, read God's Word, and 'Just Believe that all things are possible to those that do by faith 'Just Believe'...that God has so much more for us to experience and to fill us with pure joy and (shalom) peace in these troubled times.

The world wants us to just feel all gloom and doom. However, the Lord wants us to understand

that we are about to encounter some of the greatest love and miracles as we surrender entirely to Him and come into His field with no fences signifying our freedom to believe all things. All is not just doom and gloom.

It has been my honor these past 42 years to pray, intercede, and know the calling upon my life. Yahweh, God the Father, has said, “It's Time...It's Time to

go get Your Bride! But, are we ready? Have we been ready for the Lord to 'come get His Bride'? ...even though we may make all the right confessions, or say and work and try to do all the right things, say the right words; but in reality, for the most part, most of us in the church are not ready.
I have looked into my belly when before the Lord and felt the fire of the Holy Spirit within and heard from deep within and cried out...”Lord, we're not ready!” “The We, Your Church, Your Bride are not ready. Being ready does not mean repenting of sins nor having Jesus living inside of us. Jesus lives inside those who believe. What is meant by not being ready is that we are not ready to be involved in the next greatest and last move of the presence of God and mercy, and love coming upon planet Earth. I had to be commissioned to what I had to do to be ready and 'you' have to be commissioned to what you have to do to be ready.

Why are we not ready? For those who have asked the Lord into our hearts,we are ready for heaven. But, in the condition your heart is in right now, as we search our innermost being, we have not totally humbled ourselves nor totally surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have seen miracles in our congregations. We have seen people come to Christ in our congregations. We have seen both good and bad financial situations. But, what work of the Spirit have you seen in your lives lately?

Have we just become a professional Christian or so business church minded that we have forgotten that God is Spirit and not flesh and that the sheep know the Shepherd's voice and follow only Him? We have become so comfortable that everything within in the church is routine and we just wouldn't want to change our old traditions for anything. We've done these things for years and we refuse to grow and mature no matter what. Why do you think that we have been called 'comfy Christians' for so long? How long has it been since we've heard terms like 'Passionate Christians', 'Loving Christians', 'Giving Christians', 'On Fire Christians', ' True Spirit- Filled Christians?

Our hearts are still for the Lord. We love the Lord. But, what is the problem then? Could it be that 'we have left our lst love'? As in the Church at Ephesus, they had a great ministry, great teachings, great miracles but they 'left their lst love'. Because we have left our lst love, we have developed 'a lack of humility' and 'love' amongst our own and for others within our own hearts. Lack of humility and lack of love are two of the greatest problems that must be restored not only in pastor's hearts and in those who lead us but within the whole Body of Christ as well. The Spirit of Humility is a pure dependence upon God. There is no Glory for man but only Glory for God! There is no glory for any form of church or ministry including our own. But, He gets all the Glory!

In John 3:30...John the Baptist said it best...”I must decrease so that He might increase.”

Instead of worrying about finances and big building projects and the cares of life, let's start humbling ourselves so He can exhalt us and provide, lead and guide, so we can see His miracle working power come alive through our own lives.

Ask the Lord to open up the portal to your heart so you can feel and know how much He cares about you and your congregation and how much He agape loves you and deeply cares about you and wants you ready for His soon return.

The reason so many of us are downcast and don't feel the presence of the Lord, worried, and unhappy, depressed, and despondent are perhaps we are complacent and don't really realize how the Lord truly feels about us and desires to fill us with His Light and Glory and begin to cause us to get excited about what He is doing and prepare ourselves to come and take our place by His side.

I just ask that you receive into your Spirit the fresh flow of just how much the Lord loves you right now as you read these words of love and hope for your life.

Let us become more dependent on God and seek His face daily in a more passionate way.

And, let us begin that all important quiet time with the Lord praising His name and seeking His face. He promises in His Word that if we will do that He will give us a greater release of His power in our lives and you will feel His presence as never before.

Prepare..God's People...for Jesus is about to make Himself known upon the earth and coming soon to take us home. Let's make sure that you are ready when He calls your name. Amen?

*Scriptures taken from NKJV, copyright @ 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc., used by permission, all rights reserved.