The Church Awakens

For many months now, this ministry has been speaking to all who will listen that it is time for the churches to awaken. Listen to these words that the churches, indeed, have begun to awaken in obedience to the Lord's call. We are excited at such a mighty confirmation as was spoken to this ministry by the Spirit of God.

Quotes of confirmation by Joel Richardson, author of 'The Islamic Anti-Christ'.

*In those that he has run into in his travels, he states, he is running into the good and the bad.

There is so much of the church that is so turned off. It's as though as more brazen things come right in front of us, many churches hide their head in the sand. But, there is a 'strong remnant' of believers arising throughout the nations who have been watching and have awakened to show forth God's very love, character, and Word in these Last Days.

As Joel has just came back from Canada and Iraq, he states that wherever he has gone, there 'is' a remnant of believers that the Lord has awakened...that the Lord has been speaking to. In scriptures, there has always been a remnant of followers of the truth of the gospels.

If you are preaching what you should be preaching, you will have smaller audiences. You will have smaller gatherings and that's the reality.* Many walked away from our Lord as He preached.

Joel Richardson was in the Baltics and asked the Lord how to save the Baltics...the gateway to Europe. God's answer was 'turn off the shallow American gospels, stop listening to the gospel that says that Jesus died on the cross for your sins so that you can live your happiest, best, most complete, fullest life now. The pattern of the scriptures is very clear...embrace the cross in this age. Now, He is going to bless us in this age far better then when we were living in the world...there's no question about that. But, the pattern of the scriptures is to lay down our lives, 'take up your cross and follow Me (Christ)'. And, then, you inherit glory in the time to come.*

*Paul said, 'If Christ has not been raised from the dead that we, of all people are to be pitied.'...

I Corinthians l5:l9.' Right? If we are actually Christians, then, of all people of the earth, we should be pitied. Why? Because we are embracing the cross. We are making sacrifices. We are doing the hard things in order to inherit the glory in the age to come.*

We as the church have always been taught that the Anti-Christ will come from around the European Union and/or the old Roman Empire. However, it is interesting to note that the Anti-Christ could be of the Islamic faith and come from the Middle East and still come from the old Roman Empire. Interestingly, a lot of people aren't aware of this; but, there was actually an Eastern Wing of the Old Roman Empire that actually lasted l,000 years more than the Roman Empire that we all have heard about. The Byzantine Empire existed l,000 yrs. beyond the Roman Empire until l453. And, much of that part of the Roman empire included parts of the Middle East including Turkey, Jordan, and even parts of Iraq and Syria. As the EU was being formed in Europe, many Christians got it engrained in their mindset that out of Europe will come the Anti-Christ. We have listened to our teachers but perhaps we have failed to open up the scriptures and study the Word for ourselves. We have felt that Romans and Europeans are one in the same. Come to find out, it included Europe but there was much more included in the equation. So, it is possible that the Anti-Christ could come out of the Middle East. These things have been taught for many years; but, as the time is growing so short and indeed right at the door, I feel the Lord is awakening us to this possibility in light of the Muslims now awaiting their Mahdi riding on a white horse. Could, indeed, this be a possible correlation as we enter the time of the Tribulation period? Revelation 6:2...'And, I saw, and behold a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow...' KJV. This confirms within the pages of the Bible that the Anti-Christ indeed is described as riding on a white horse. And, in studying more about what the Muslims believe, those nations are expecting their messiah to come in a way that perfectly goes along with what the Bible perfectly says about the Anti-Christ.

There is such a deceptive gospel being preached today. We are to come and 'die', give up our life, and die daily. We have been listening to a gospel that started years and years ago. All kinds of churches now believe that the love of money is not the root of all evil. But, the love of money is what they bow to every Sunday. Often, I have heard comments from pastors and elders and deacons alike. Where is our money going to come from? What new program will draw in the crowds? God wants us rich. We are still seeing people preaching how to get rich. People...the economy could crash at any moment. What good will your money do you then?

In the book 'The Shemitah Years', by Jonathan Cahn, you will learn about God's 7 year time periods that have affected history and how on this date, Elul 29, throughout history, has brought judgment on the land because of the sin of God's people not only in times past but in regard to not only Israel but to us today.

The next Elul 29 will occur on September l3th of this year. God usually judges the economy at that time. Over the weekend of September 11th which is on a Friday and Elul 29 as being on a Sunday, and as our economists are predicting a monumental stock market collapse looming, can't we see that it is time to get into the Word, open up our eyes, that we should be rising up, awakening, watching, repenting, preparing, and being ready for what is coming and the possibility of Christ's imminent return?

Also, if you haven't read Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's book, 'The Harbinger', we suggest that you make these two books a priority so your eyes may be opened to what the Lord is revealing to us in these End Times.

Very simply, folks, we are called to 'Imitate Jesus'! I Peter 2:2l speaks..'For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps. NKJV

Many people have been taught that Jesus died on the cross so we didn't have to suffer. We don't have to go and die on the cross for our own sins. But, He didn't die on the cross so we could live anyway we want to live or live a life of ease now. He, also, mentioned in His Word that 'if your Master suffers, how much so will His disciples'. So, until the Day of the Lord, we are to take up our cross, lay down our lives, speak and act as Jesus to show the world that He came and He lives today within our hearts even if people may judge us, hate us, or even cause our deaths just as the Coptic Christians that recently were beheaded.

When all is said and done in His divine plan, He will humble 'everyone' and He, alone, will be exalted, Jew, Gentile, rich, and poor alike.

The Bible also says that we will be hated in the Last Days for His name sake as seen in Matthew 24:9...”Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name's sake.” Sound familiar? But, that has been all washed away by another gospel that says 'nothing bad is going to happen to you'.

The church is sleeping and has been told a lie. And, you know, it is easy for us to rail at the part of the church that is asleep. But, haven't we all been wrong at one point or another?

Deception in the church is a big issue but there is another issue. It is found in Matthew 24:l2..'And because iniquity shall abound, the 'love of many shall wax cold'. KJV Oh, my friends, how sad!

Church...we need to not only watch our hearts when it comes to deception...but, in the days ahead, we are to be preparing our 'hearts' not to grow cold in loving some but hating others. And, it is going to get harder and harder unless we know within our hearts that we just can't do this on our own.

So, we must ask the Father for the anointing of His love of agape so we can, indeed, show forth the true love of God in these Last Days. Jesus said, 'You receive not because you ask not'. I feel it's time to ask. Don't you? People are watching us throughout our day to see if our faith is real. Sadly, many have turned away due to seeing such lack of love and true faith deep within our hearts. We must start preparing our hearts for what lies ahead. It is one of the most important decisions that we will have to make, to repent and by faith receive God's love within our hearts, and die daily, allowing Christ to live through us with passion as time is now so short even through much suffering for standing up to the truth of God's Word and His heart's cry for all to come to repentance.

The time to arise and awaken is 'Now', Folks! A Holy Remnant Church is, indeed, awakening and rising. *Embrace something that is worth dying for. Yes, if we preach that, our numbers may shrink but we have to preach what Jesus preached. We have to declare what Jesus declared. You know...We may have less numbers but our roots will go a lot deeper. We must do what we are called to do.

** Church, as these signs come closer and closer together according to the scriptures, the earthquakes, blood moons, droughts, torrential rains, the great falling away etc, I am afraid when things get so bad that instead of embracing Christ and His Light that many will, like Job's wife, curse God. But, remember this, God told us through His Word what is coming. He warned us. He didn't lie to us.* So, instead of looking to man for answers, look to the Word through the Holy Spirit discernment and rise up, awaken to the truth of God's Word and walk in it as a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ would.

The Bride of Jesus Christ is forming all over the world as we speak. Are you awake and ready for what is about to happen and indeed what has already been seen as signs of His coming? The Lord is coming quickly and soon. Are you part of the Awakened Church? If not, it's time to get ready and prepare yourself for the coming of the Lord. Praise His Holy Name. Hallelujah and Amen.

*Portions of scripture have either come from the KJV or NKJV of the Bible.

*Excerpts from quotes by Joel Richardson, speaker and author.

**Comment by Jim Bakker.






I pray all is well with you...