Word of Knowledge

Judgment Begins In The House of the Lord Here these Words of Mine, says the Lord of True Love and Grace...

'You say to My servants, the prophets, whom I have sent out to you that they have no place in My world anymore. In fact, you have warned the church and sent them out from among you. Yet, it was I who have sent them out in your midst...even to this very day, even to the gates of your door.'

To those who minister...I speak saying...”I have put you to the test. I commanded you to show grace to all with the gifts I have given them and asked you not to despise them, to care for all in their gifts, to teach, and to guide. Indeed, hear My Words, “I have called them out not to draw flesh unto flesh but to draw flesh unto Spirit. I sent them with words of both warning and blessing in these End Times.

I, the Sovereign Lord say, “ I have heard the prayers of My people and so have stayed judgment in America. I wish to show America mercy and compassion because of their prayers and repentance.”

I will bring an explosion of 'My Spirit' upon those with faith to believe. But, I bring you a WARNING

as well. This blessing is conditional to how My church responds to My call. I will bring an explosion of My Spirit to only those who look to Me as their Head for guidance and yield, repent, fast and pray to be filled with all that I Am with no fear or hesitation.

I will cause people to come because of who 'I AM'. I will come in such a way that 'I will' bring what 'I will do' for those who truly have forsaken all earthly matters, idols, and schedules to love Me...No, to those who 'TRULY LOVE ME' who will finally die to self and take their place by My side and join Me in what I Am doing.

Woe to you for you have had eyes but could not see what the Spirit has been doing right in front of you.

Woe to you for your have ears but you have not heard one word that I, the Sovereign Lord, have been trying to speak to you for you have been too wrapped up in the doctrines and rules of men.

For it was not flesh crying at the door of your sanctuary but the Spirit who was calling for your attention. It was 'I' who has come among you and have stirred you to awaken, stirred your quiet waters. It was 'I' who has been testing each individual's heart from the beginning. Who will truly listen, repent, and return to their first love? Who will truly through the Holy Spirit come and take their place by My side with their whole hearts? Who will truly listen and believe and obey what the Spirit is saying to the churches in these Last Days? I desire people to come away from their own agendas and works of the flesh, from your own selfish interests, thoughts, and imaginations?

Let it be known-Let it be told that it was 'I' who called my children out of their seclusion, out of their 'very' secret prayer closets, to trust Me and Me alone, to come and to pray, and now to go. It was 'I' who gave My Word through them from my Holy Throne telling them 'the set time has come'. For I say unto you circumstances shall come beyond your works or your understanding or your wildest dreams!'

Let it be known – Judgment begins in the House of the Lord. 'I', the Lord, will chasten those in whom My heart loves. And, indeed, I have already begun to shake the inner core of each church to stir

my people into action. I am coming to reclaim that which is MINE! I will shake My church to its very foundation. I will give back what I have been given. For, I have already sent the Spirit of Elijah among you to warn you of the dreadful Day of the Lord. I have already sent my angels among you to look into hearts and see what is truly there of Mine.

I, the Lord God, have no grievance with My 'little praying ones' for I am their ultimate judge. They have brought to me their sweet incense of love not only for Myself but deep burden for each of you. They have become My delight. I have declared that no man will make them fear. Nothing will shake them from My side. They have spoken only what they have seen as the truth before My Throne through Holy Ghost discernment. But, now, as I have seen their hearts and that they have spoken only truth before My Throne, I turn to you who have spoken such harsh words concerning them. It is you I charge with lack...lack of true spiritual understanding, lack of response, lack of communication, lack of true spiritual discernment.

Let it be known that I, the Lord have been with them. I was in every spoken word of love despite your misunderstanding of My gifts. I was with them and was in them as they have spoken. Why? I have heard their concerns, their cries, their sufferings unto Me. I have seen their hearts of travail for you from their innermost beings.

To you, I say this day, you deceive yourselves when you call yourselves spiritual for I was with you and you have not seen Me. I was right at your door, and you would not let Me in. You have bound My presence by your very agendas, rules, and judgmentalisms. I declare that as a drowning man gasps for air just before he dies, when you as individuals and as a body gasp for Me, then, and only then, shall you find me and shall you come into the true knowledge of My love and who I AM and what I have been accomplishing within Your midst.

Do you think it pleases me when you shine your shoes and meet each Sunday to hear beautiful words while refusing to walk in My very presence in each part of your day and in each second of your life?

Do you think it pleases Me when you lift your hands in praise and then dirty them through your sin and disobedience to My Word? Do you think it pleases Me when you show such fear to the world through the economic and social concerns of your day? Do you think it pleases Me when you show others such lack of faith and such hard-heartedness to the peace and rest that My Spirit has to offer ?

Let it be known that thieves are already among you robbing you of your very souls. I implore you to first bind the strong man within your own hearts before you worry what is breaking out from without.

You feel you are so much for Me by your words and human works; but, by your very actions of hatreds toward your brother or sister, you show Me just how truly far away from me you have gotten.

Woe to you who think themselves so spiritual when you have no idea how blind, wretched, poor, and naked that you have become!

Arise, therefore, and face your poverty for the 'set time has come' for My True Bride to assemble. Know this also that not all who say, “Lord, Lord” shall enter My Kingdom..only those who have washed themselves and have become clean. For I have said and will say again you will not find Me unless you seek Me 'with your whole hearts'. I Am the Head. I Am the Lord. I Am coming very soon. The spiritually discerned declare it. The earth is already experiencing the birth pains of My soon return. I call you to 'Get Ready' and to turn from the Spirit of Babylon within your walls and call you to receive My Holy Spirit and take your place by My side in total love and obedience in spirit and truth.. Again – Let it be known- My people shall be known, in these last days, BY THEIR LOVE. Hear and heed the Words that I, the Lord, have spoken to you today. Cleave to Me. Be not drawn away into even further darkness.