Vision of the New Breed

The end is not yet. Yes, the Lord cometh. But in these days, there is coming a mighty move of the Spirit of God within our midst. We have only been on the edge of it. We became the children of God as we were born again, became a new creature, old things passed away and all things became new. But that is as far as we have ever gone. Yea, our hearts did thrill and our spirits were glad, but 'er, the cares of this life crept in. Instead of staying close to the Word of God and renewing our minds, we as the people of God have sorely drifted away and crept into a doctrine and beliefs of men.

Occasionally in prayer, occasionally in the hour of great need - of emergency - we would enter into a deeper realm. And, God would minister to us – but, soon, we would just slip back into the natural.

But some have renewed their minds with the Word of God. They dedicated themselves and consecrated themselves and have separated themselves from the carnal, from the natural, so that they could be made as holy vessels for the Master's use.

For we have stepped into the waters that the prophet of the Old Testament prophesied about. We've only stepped in knee deep. Yet, he prophesied that we would walk on out until the waters would be up to our loins, and walk on out even further; water being a type of the Holy Spirit of God.

At the same time, evil men will wax worse and worse. Those that are deceived and desire not the truth but rather love the darkness shall become darker still. Many will look into our communities and say,

“Satan and his works are abounding.” Their eyes will be closed to what God is doing.

But, God will prepare for Himself a Body of Believers who will 'rise up', 'awaken', and be strong in faith.

God is raising up what those in the natural would call 'a new breed'. They'll not be inhibited by the traditions of the past, nor shall they be downcast because of all the negatisms of the past, nor shall they be hindered and held in because of the judgments and thinking of men. But, they will 'rise up', 'awaken', in the Name of the Lord. Knowing a deep 'personal' relationship with their Master, they shall rise up in the Name of the Lord and their banner shall be called, 'LOVE'. These people with all glory shall turn their world and communities upside-down.

So, prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord. And, occupy until He comes!

Word of Knowledge given to Kenneth Copeland

l970' permission