...Submitted by One Whose Heart Shares Such a Burden for God, His Church, and the World.

We thank you for sharing this prayer with all of us. And, we all say....Amen.

“Lord...Your people need to see your glory! You deserve your people to give you such glory!

What's the matter with us? Why can't we see that you deserve such glory shining out of us to show others that you live? Please forgive our sin and lack of that total passionate love for you! Please, open our eyes that we may show others who you really are!

Whatever means possible, we pray people will come to your light and bare that light upon their shoulders for it is glorious. You are so full of love and compassion for the very least of us.

Yet, we languish and forsake you at every turn...only wanting those things that do us good and refuse the desire to listen and hear your words of 'Warning and Wisdom' coming from the very throne of God.

Can't you see we cry out to you every second of every day for your people for those you've shown us how to love even though they show such cruelty at times to others, accuse your people day and night, and want nothing to do with certain others who dwell in the heart of the Father?

They are precious in your sight but they are so blind that they can't even see what they've been doing all these years, in fact feel like they are doing you a service even as all the religious forefathers throughout all these centuries have done. We have been like the blind leading the blind..more aware of fleshly religion then spiritual experience.

You've said through this website, “They know not My Character. They think they do but they do not.”

Then, you want to show us what is coming. That it's time to come to know your true character. You want us to show others your true love and character by our actions, words, and deeds but so may back away.

You know we can do nothing but come to you. We are truly without that deeper knowledge of God, Lord.. All we've really ever had is 'You'...lead us in your hidden ways O'Lord! Help us to see.

All we who carry a passionate love for you have always only cared about is “You” and your will for our lives and your people. Help us come together and unite in our prayers and be willing to climb up and see you in your fullness, our oil lamps full, and walk among our own and the lost and let them see You through us in a mighty way.

Please...Hear Our Cry! Our brothers and sisters are hurting, Lord. Answer our prayer quickly before it is too late. Help us to quit languishing in the background.

We love you. Can't You see? We adore you. Fill us with your glory so others may see and come to your light before it is too late and the wrath of God begins. Let us arise to bring in the end time harvest.

I know you hear those whose hearts are breaking. Well, our hearts are broken...broken for them...and broken for 'You'. We repent now for all the wrong in our lives that went against the best that you had for our lives. Forgive us for our great lack of faith.

Come, Lord Jesus! Open a way that will stay and people will hear that way and respond to it and want what you've given to us. Help us go back and learn again the real Truth of the Gospels...not of just being born again but the whole pure shining light of Your Father's Kingdom and your plan from the beginning of time as outlined in Your Word for these End Times.

Father Yahweh...Yah...Hear our cry for Your people! Let them see you for who you really are!

And, help us turn around and just do what's right in Your sight. Your Body is not flowing as your Word speaks nor has it since the time of Constantine but no one sees or repairs that which has been broken. It's so simple, Lord! All we have to do is to listen, humble ourselves, simply turn around, be set free, and be healed.

You are our Father! We love you! Now, we call out angels to go and proclaim that which You wish for us all! Help others to see that you are alive and real and able to do more then we ever thought possible. In Jesus, Holy and Precious Name.' Amen. Anonymous