During the past 43 years and now through our Life-Light Ministries website, our sole purpose has always been to inform, uplift, and share messages concerning the Last Days, warnings of approaching judgment and to prepare the Body believing for a Great Awakening and gathering together of Christ's Saints/Bride in mission and purpose in these last days..that a window of opportunity would arise out of great turmoil on the earth. Intercessors have been praying and we feel the windows of Heaven and its angels will be going forth giving the world one last chance before judgment begins.

Within the past month, we would like to report that many affirmations and confirmations have come to us through others. We cannot Praise God enough for all the affirmations that have been pouring in not only through these ministries listed but also through other saints sending out their own messages and pertinent scriptures of confirmation and affirmation through mail and e-mail.

As we are One Body in Christ Jesus, we are tired of holding back our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ. As we are uplifted by them, so, we feel it is time to share how you, too, likewise, can be encouraged through these brother/sister ministries and receive their blessing to enrich as we confirm our mission on this website as well. And, we feel it is time that we come out of the 'Big-I' and 'Little You' mentality that has plagued us for years and years. In Christ, we are 'One' whether black or white, Mexican, or purple and pink neither Jew or Greek...Jesus said, 'That they 'ALL' may become one in Christ Jesus. Therefore, as we see others doing the work of the Lord and helping in this End-Time Ministry, we would like to lift them up as well.

Life-Light Ministries has never asked for donations. We have been called with a mission to repair the broken walls...the breach...and live by Psalm l33...'Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.' We believe that we all are called. We all have a purpose; and, as we build up one another in the faith, the Body grows stronger so that we will be prepared for what is just ahead and indeed has already begun.

One ministry we invite you to take a look at others who have contributed to our website who have ministries of their own. Also, you might look at www.MERCYSEATMINISTRIES.COM. There you will learn about Pat Schatzline and His Ministry. He has one book and CD series entitled:

'THE REMNANT SERIES' and his book, 'I Am Remnant'...Discover The Power To Stand For Truth In A Changing Culture'. Also, available is a poster entitled, 'Manifesto Of The Remnant' which outlines the characteristics of God's Last Day remnant people.

We would encourage you to check out this site and perhaps obtain this information from them. He has written many books that will enrich your life.

Also, another ministry that you might like to look into can be found on the internet at The address for this ministry is Elijah List Publications, 528 Ellsworth St. SW, Albany, OR 97321...e-mail: We have found this ministry to have the most update information through prophecy to the church as these Last Days unfold. To all our brothers and sisters, we send our love as we at work sharing what Christ has shared with us. 'The prophets are subject to the prophets', the Word says. What an exciting time to find others we have never met speaking the words of God in their particular ministries through people we have never met yet speak through the Spirit of God in agreement. Hallelujah for that!

Today, there is a strong spirit from hell wooing people to bow to the culture of compromise. God is not only knocking at our church doors but shouting loudly through His prophets of today...”Let Me In!” A prophet is one who declares the difference between relative truth and the absolute truth in God's Word. We, as His people, must seek out and be open to the Holy Spirit's leading in God's truth, power, and might in these Last Days. We must listen to what God is speaking to us and join Him in what He is doing more than any generation, reach up higher in faith, in love, in passion as we walk in obedience to His every wish as we are Christ's Spirit-filled, oil lamp filled Bride witnesses...looking straight ahead at Christ's soon return, our eyes fixed on Him.

Just think about it, we are living in the greatest time in church history if we will listen and come and follow Him now with deep passion and obedience. Awaken Church for the Lord cometh! We who are listening are arising for the 'Time is Now!', following the Spirit's leading and coming into His Heart and Character and preparing to go out and bring in a great number of souls that will be emerging soon. We feel the Lord has granted us an extension of time. It no longer is a battle between their ministry and our ministry, for example, but a time to unite, lift up, and not tear down, to show a mutual bond in Christ, become that One New Man in Christ Jesus, and to come against the principalities of Satan that are coming against this nation and the world. We must not stop the momentum and return to our apathy. With 9/ll, people swarmed to churches. We thought we were seeing a revival take place before our eyes. But, as the trouble calmed down, the people walked away and returned to their apathy. We must not let that happen again.

The disciples were called with the words, “Follow Me!” They left their nets and followed without hesitation. The Lord is doing the same to us, here, and right now.

It is our prayer that you will see and understand that we are to stop tearing down and start building up, to put away the old garments, and put on the new. To quit sitting on our pews and rise up and become an army equipped with Christ's armor and ready to share that deep, deep love and compassion of the Lord with a lost and hurting world in His character and His might, that light shining for all to see.

As others inspire us, we wish to inspire others to greater things, to rise up in faith and truly walk with God with that mighty passion growing within hearts, day by day, as it must have when the disciples walked with Jesus. I can assure you there is no drug, no brand of alcohol, nothing of this world that can top walking close to Jesus for He is a right now God ready to do great things in your life and midst if you only will make the declaration and make it your every heart desire to experience Him in your life.

Recently, on television, I saw a man who uses light to paint in dark places. His light just illumined through the darkness in the most beautiful colors and designs. In that light, think of the wonders of light you are already and can only become brighter as you allow the artistic work of God shining into and out of your all the beauties of Heaven...In Him, there would be no limits at what He can do through you. We only need to 'Just Believe'.

I can't really say I have seen many ministries lifting up other ministries too often. In fact, there has been too much competition. There are so many other outstanding ministries and teachers and families of God coming into this Awakening message. Look out for them and see if they line up with the Bible and that the Holy Spirit confirms their messages as truth according to the Word of God, learn from them.

We just thought it was time to reach out and start the ball rolling by sharing just a few ministries that have been a blessing to us. We pray these ministries will be excited and grateful because it is done in the purest of agape love for our Lord Jesus Christ and for them.

We would also like to make note of one program found on your cable or DISH networks called, Sid Roth's... 'It's Supernatural'. You may find it either there or your local Christian channel or you may contact their ministry at or eMail them at or

Here is a quote from Sid Roth, “You have been called to the Kingdom to be a participant in the Third Great Awakening that will usher in the King!”

We want to challenge hearts and reach searching souls who only want more of Christ in these last days. People from all walks of life are hearing the call. Do you hear the call? We surely hope so!

As other brothers and sisters' ministries and pertinent messages are brought our way, we will let you know. We are all 'ONE' in Messiah Jesus! And, we honor their efforts and messages also as we are one in the Body of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Please seek out God's Spirit-filled churches and ministries and see what they have to offer.

Arise...Check out what the Spirit is saying to the Churches and follow Him completely with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. There is nothing better than coming into the very Glory and Presence of our Lord right here...right now! He's Coming Soon!

But, we give you a WARNING...Many still doubt the Lord will bring an Awakening...but, I will tell them this...Just look at what just happened with the Presidential Election. It was a 'miracle from God'! There was no way, no chance, all seemed lost. But, God's people prayed, rose up, and united. And, it was stated that it was through the Evangelical Church that our current President was elected. All seemed lost! How much more would it be in the will of God that He separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares, unite His true church, that they should go forth shining with the light of His Glory before His return and do great exploits through His Name? Church, there are giants in the land. But, are they stronger than Our Lord? I think not. For me and this ministry, we are a Caleb and a Joshua. God is stronger then the giants. We are on His team.

Please note that all prophecy in the Word 'will' come to completion in its time. But, perhaps, we have been given a window of opportunity that has come before the church to bring in a Great Harvest of Souls.

Seek The Lord! 'Make Your Hearts Ready'! God's Blessings To You All!


'The Time Is Now!'

Isaiah 65:8 II Corinthians 6...

Phyllis Hovey, Ministry Team Leader