The Near Death Miracle

Our family growing up was always close. We didn't have a whole lot but we did have one another.

There was my Dad; Mother; Sister, Diane; my Mother's Mother; and her relatives.

It was during my late teens that I had visited my Grandmother as I often did. On one particular afternoon, she became serious and asked me one thing, “Phyllis, if anything happens to me, I want 'you' to take care of your Uncle Bud.”

Well, years passed. Those hard teenage years came and went. I had met my husband, Richard; and we had settled down and had one daughter, Lisa, and one son, David. It was in the early twenties that the Lord came into my life.

Some 44 years had passed, many amazing things had happened as the Lord revealed Himself through each new day. But, the time had come and one day, I was asked if I would step up and take care of my Uncle Bud. I remembered my promise to my Grandmother; and, so, I became his guardian.

Uncle Bud had seen many nursing homes and started having more and more health problems. He developed heart problems and had been in and out of the hospital many times either for this problem or other ailments of old age.

One afternoon, I was sitting at my desk doing some paperwork when the phone rang and it was for me. A doctor from Clinton, Iowa, was on the other end and informed me that my uncle had just had a heart attack and I was to come immediately as he was dying. So, I grabbed a friend and we took offfor Mercy Hospital in Clinton.

As we arrived and went up to the fourth floor, we walked into his hospital room where a very matter a factly doctor came in and informed us of the bleakness of the situation. My uncle just lay there quietly as if just sleeping.

But, the more matter of factly the doctor spoke, the more something deep within rose up and said, “No!”

So, I said to his amazement, I'm sure, “No, my uncle will not die today!” He sort of went, “Hum!”, and he walked out of the room.

I knew that feeling before and just knew God had other plans. And, to be honest, I thought, “O'Boy, here we go again!” “Yeah!” “God is about to show us another miracle!”

So, I took off my coat and laid it on a chair, turned to my friend, and asked, “Say, Paula, how would you like to see a miracle?” Well, somewhat shocked to say the least but yet very humbly and just accepted the possiblity, she said, “Sure!”

I knew in myself that I could do nothing. We, in ourselves, can do nothing. But, to those who have accepted Christ into their lives and as He sets up residence in His temple...which by the way is in 'us' not in some building someplace, all things are possible to those who believe.

So, I quietly and simply went over and moved the little table that usually has the water pitchers on it, and sat on the bed next to my uncle; and, I began talking to the Lord Jesus dearest and truest friend.

“Lord Jesus...I thank you for the life of my uncle. I thank you that he will live today and not die.

I ask you, Lord, that you please send him back to his home. And, when the day should come that you call him home, that he will not suffer, that he will be here one second with us and with you the next.”

Immediately, Uncle Bud opened his eyes and began to speak as if he just awoke out of a dream.

The doctor returned. His eyes just bulged from his head and he said, “Well, hello there!”

And, he looked at me in disbelief. He was in total disbelief and shock. My uncle was awake!

The very next day, my uncle returned to his home in Savanna, Illinois.

It was a few months later, that again, I received a phone call only this time from a doctor who was doing round in the nursing home. He told me that he stopped into see my uncle and had asked him how he was doing? My uncle was in bed resting but had no complaints. The doctor had called because he had a minor irregular heartbeat.

All of a sudden, a nurse came up to the phone and said, “Doctor, why I feel that Bud had just passed away. One moment he was laying there just fine; and, the next moment, he was just gone.”

Some claim the Lord doesn't do miracles anymore...that it was another dispensation, or he's not really there, or he's just a figment of someone's imagination.

But, I can by the testimony of not only myself but that of my friend...the Lord heard my prayer that day and my uncle entered heaven exactly the way I'd asked.

“And, when that day should come that you call him home, that he will not suffer, that he will be here one moment and with you the next.” Hallelujah!