Word of Knowledge

While in prayer and worshiping the Lord, listening to lyrics of 'I just want to tell you how I'm feeling, gotta' make you understand...never going to give you up, never going to let you down, never going to run around and desert you, never going to make you cry, never going to say good-bye, never going to tell a lie and hurt you.'

As I stood worshiping, I was standing on the floor in our bedroom leaning against our Captain's waterbed looking out my Northern window knowing full well Heaven is in the North. When, all of a sudden, I was standing in this forest of huge pine trees. I stood close to this beautifully tall evergreen tree. The Lord Jesus Christ came from around this tree and stood sadly looking back at me. His head hung low. He said no words...yet, He spoke. He understands my prayer of grief over His people in the churches.

He said, “My people know not of me, saith the Lord, my heart, my character. They think they do but they do not. They know not My character, My job, My deepest heart-felt joys. My joy is in My Father...yes...and My Father's joy is in Me. But, My heart has another great joy. It is in 'You', My Children. O' How I do love them. (His head hangs low in grief.) I love to see them come to me. I rejoice as they look at Me, reach to touch Me and become all We have planned for them to become from the beginning; then, to watch them who love Me turn to 'Heaven's Light' to love another. O'what incense...what joy I feel as My love flows through them. I could never fill you with the glory, the love they show for Me as they go love another, and care, and be brothers and sisters to one another and even to the lost hurting world that I love so much...even as I went..who I even bled and died for! My love is so deep. Can't they see? My love runs and flows very deep.

I am saddened because of the sadness of My Children. I love you all! As they hurt you, they hurt Me. Why won't they reach out for My character? Why do they refuse to accept My character?

My heart cries out too. I ache. Share My life with Me. Come. Touch. Feel. Be in Me as I Am in you.

I Am to be your lst love, your Best Friend, Your Protector. Come. Be filled with who I Am!

Love is a choice. I Am the True Vine. I Am, also, True Love. I Am love incarnate. I came so you could live in My presence...so you might love one another the way I have loved you. There is for those who accept such a better way.

As you open your eyes, Heaven's 'light' will fill you. There is hope as you accept and take your place by My side. I only want those who will come by their own conscience. I will never push or shove for it's in them who come willingly that I deeply delight.

Why won't they accept? Where are My children who truly love me? Why won't they accept that I live for them and My goodness abounds to them? Why are they so afraid to let My life and spirit flow through them? Life's pain, life's sorrows would fade as they come stand by My side. So many beauties of Heaven could be theirs right now, here on earth, for I Am with them. I've never left them...they've left me! Acknowledge Me and I Am there...ALWAYS! They are blinded by the cares and sins of this present age. They hurt inside and hide it so no one can see. Don't let them fool you. Their heart's hurt too. Their hearts cry out for a Savior...even now.

Come to Me. Come back to Me. Hide under My wings of protection...feel My power and My love for you. Return to your lst love My Children. It's only by touching the True Vine that you will see sin and sin will be 'brought to the Light' and exposed for what it is and driven out forever.

Come..Test Me..See if I won't show you a better way..that I speak the Truth.

I came as sheep among wolves and so you must go. But, be of good cheer for I will be with you always and forever through it all, giving you all My great love, great love that only can come from above that I long to share and pour out on all weary souls..such joy would be theirs if they would only turn around and listen with their hearts instead of their heads.

Anointed in Me, I ask you to go. Do in spite of others hatred for you. Continue to show My Love and My Strength even through you do not understand the true plan and significance. In the end, the truth will be known.

Those who are not afraid will come and climb up to Me. Come without fear of others words, I Am your power and your strength. Stand next to Me and feel my forgiveness and My love for you and then continue to go and touch lives and be through the power of My Holy Spirit within you; demonstrate the power of My Love to a lost and hurting world.

I stand here waiting, watching, and deeply caring, watching and deeply caring for My Children.

I, the Lord, see great things in you. I will never give up on you. I will keep calling...calling you Home!”